Training for 75 mile ride

I just completed SSBLV1 and doing some active recovery after a couple of stressful weeks at work coming off a cold. Looking ahead I am looking to possibly ride a 75 mile gravel ride toward the end of march. I am not sure where I should focus my efforts on the trainer for something like this. I am guessing more endurance rides vs VO2 max work and heavy intervals. I do however really enjoy the sweet spot work.

Have you tried using the new Plan Builder? It can help lay out your season with your goal event (or events) on the calendar.


I have not since I really hadn’t had a target event up until today, lol. Honestly I am not even sure if I am going to do it but I just checked out the Plan Builder and it is pretty interesting, thanks!

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Evergreen meme:

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The Plan Builder offers a “no event” option and is still great to follow for pure fitness with no timing in mind. It lays out a continuous schedule with pure progression in mind. So they have both cases covered well.


What is the goal? To race? To have fun? Just to finish without the ride killing you?

I think you could keep doing the SS during the week. On the weekend I’d try keep increasing distance and mileage so you work up to 75 miles being pretty comfortable.

Honestly, I mainly mountain bike, trail ride with some DH riding. I just got into gravel riding last fall and enjoyed it. My goal is to try and add in some longer rides on the gravel bike to improve endurance. I mainly ride for fun and to improve my fitness.


keep doing that. Ride longer, and as you can complete longer rides, add more intensity to them.

Vo2max will actually help you a TON in gravel; there are lots of times you’ll want to kick it up a notch to get over a short climb. It’s obvi much different than road.

That said, straight up FTP work and threshold bursts are phenomenal as well for gravel.

You kind of need a bit of everything; crappy answer I know, but true.

Gravel is hard!



That makes sense! I deal with that in the woods as well. Those short punchy climbs will gas you quick!

It depends on what your limiters are. At 75miles on gravel, I assume this is around a 5-6+ hour ride.

So if riding for 5-6 hours is your limiter right now then you need to focus on endurance and time in the saddle. Every weekend up until a week before the event, keep increasing weekend mileage little by little. Practice fueling for those hours.

If a 5 hour ride is a piece of cake for you right now then you could decide to work on intensity and FTP and other things for the next 5 weeks.

And FWIW, I got about a 20 point FTP bump by just doing long slow distance endurance rides last spring.

Riding 5-6 hours is the limiter right now. I haven’t attempted a 75mile gravel ride. Focusing on endurance is the right choice I think. I am just not sure if I should move onto SSBLV II since I have completed 1, or move to a traditional base phase. I was looking at TBLVII as I am also in the gym 3 days a week and can nail the LV and add in additional rides depending on how I am feeling.

With all the posts about people getting clobbered in SSBLV II I’d go traditional base.

When I was younger I didn’t understand how pros could ride 250 miles or more per week. I just assumed they rode like we did with lots of middle intensities, hammering on the flats, sprinting for stop signs, and attacking each other on hills. It turns out pros are riding 95% of their miles at low intensity building that aerobic engine.

After doing 6 weeks of base before this event, you will be stronger than ever this spring. Rest up for a week after the 75mile event and then start doing intensity again.

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