The WORST thing about TR

…is that I’ll have finished Netflix’s The Punisher before my build even begins :sweat_smile:


I’m way into this show right now. I only watch on easier days. Just getting in to Season 2.

Just finished that, and The Expanse on Amazon. Need to find some other good shows like that.


The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Just started it while doing Phoenix.


I’m definitely going to check out both of these shows! Right now I’m excited to get on the bike because that’s when I watch Designated Survivor on Netflix. It’s really good incentive!

@dsheldo my husband and I watched the first episode of The Umbrella Academy. I’m hooked already!


Daredevil and Defenders is good on Netflix as well…Defenders even had Frank Castle in it.

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@runriderandi Hah, I was just telling my wife she needs to watch it!

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I just started the Expanse…pretty good so far.

Check out Kingdom on netflix. Chinese zombies from centuries ago…very well done.

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Oh, I love to watch the Punisher during hard interval workouts. Enough action scenes to keep powering through. Had the end of Season 1 scene at the end of my VO2 session.

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Daredevil also :wink:

Better watch season 3 of daredevil before season 2 (or 3) of the punisher

Tried the Punisher, but it was too boring even as an alternative to staring at a wall.
If you want a well-crafted story, action-packed (lowers the RPE of your intervals!) but not stupid, try an Israeli series like Fauda, or even When Heroes Fly.

The UK (anti-)terror series Bodyguard is also worth a recommend. For me, anything about Latin American narcotics wars will work like a charm (Narcos, Narcos: Mexico, El Chapo, etc.), except for Surviving Escobar, which stinks because it’s essentially a soap opera.


Umbrella Academy is the best thing on Netflix since Stranger things


Sounds like I have some new shows to watch :smiley:

…is that my pants don’t fit. Getting too lose in the waist and too tight in the legs.


Do not watch that on the turbo. Watch it properly!



Binged Jack Ryan on Amazon this weekend … off the bike, but would be a good distraction during endurance, tempo, or even lower SS work.

Starting Punisher soon …

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bad news for you punisher fans

Enjoy the Punisher episodes, as Netflix just cancelled it :disappointed_relieved:

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I have to admit I have to look away on some parts of the Punisher, so its just as well I am on a turbo trainer :smile:

Its gone on Netflix but Disney are starting their own streaming services which is why all the Marvel properties have been binned off. I could well see a lot of them getting a reboot or resurrection.

Hoping Netflix keeps getting some different properties. Where is Mega City one?