Training camp hours

I just received the routes for a 4 day training camp. Days 1, 3 and 4 are quite ok, but day 2 has 3100m of altitude. That’s pretty much the same as my goal event in July. I suppose if I tried extremely hard I could pull off day 2. But I would be destroyed and not able to ride on day 3 and 4.

What is smarter at this point in time: doing 4 days of 4ish hours (meaning I take a short-cut on day 2) or doing day 1 and the full day 2 (going for total exhaustion). What would give the best results?

With so little information it is pretty much guessing, but my guess would be that 4x 4h gives better results at the end than 1x 4h and one all out event which will require you to rest for 1-2days.
What are the long endurance rides you usually do?
What would you do if you did day 2 all out? Stay in the hotel bed for day 3 and 4? Sounds rather boring.

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If I did Day 2 all out and wasn’t able to cycle on Sunday, I’d simply drive home on Sunday. That’s not a big deal.

I havent done much outdoor riding (weather) but last week I went out for about 4 hours. That’s doable. In the coming months most of Friday/Sunday rides will be 3-4 hours and occasionally a longer ride.

I personally would opt for the 4x 4h rides. Seems more consistent and also more fun. I am going to Majorca from Sunday on for training camp and also plan to slowly build up on my longest (all indoor because German winter) endurance rides.

You might surprise yourself @Sweatdaily ; I’d have no special plan, Id just turn up and ride without overthinking it. Treat it as a nice to have endurance ride, you don’t have to smash it, having the knowledge of it pre your ‘A’ race wont hurt IMO. Let days 3 and 4 sort them self out when you get there and enjoy the camp!

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Consistency over quantity…IMO.

But just because Day 2 has a lot of climbing doesn’t mean you have to destroy yourself to finish. With appropriate gearing, you can pace and fuel yourself to be able to do all 4 days.

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Distance for each day please

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I’d say the same thing. Just don’t go too hard and basically never stop eating. You’ll probably be fine


I just did what was supposed to be a 4 day camp but got rained out on day 1, so it was 3 days. It was:

Day 1 - 107km, 1700m climbing (just over 4hr moving), 300TSS
Day 2 - 105km, 2500m climbing (4.5hr moving), 260TSS
Day 3 - 167km, 3700m climbing (7.5hr moving), 316TSS

I was a little worried about the volume and climbing, but waking up on Day 4 I was ready to ride again, though unfortunately it was my travel day and also was pouring out yet again. I would say go for it but keep the pace reasonable. Day 1 had a solid 45-50m climb in tempo and a very spicy last hour (we got excited). I wouldn’t have been able to sustain that pace for 3-4 days! Day 2 was more reasonable, but did still have a fair bit of tempo during climbs. The first half of day 3 was low Z2 with second half high Z2/low tempo. That pace was perfect, and while 3700m is a lot of climbing for someone that cycles in flat prairies, it was perfectly sustainable.

The key was in on and off-bike fueling and recovery. Other than riding, I did nothing but eat. No alcohol, no sight seeing, no real chores (bike/kitchen cleaning excluded), just eat, ride, sleep. Try it, you’ll surprise yourself! Just make sure you have the gearing for climbing, or your legs may murder you while you sleep.

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