Amount of time - how would you schedule your training?

Hello there guys!

Ive been wondering on how to schedule my time for training. I until recently trained 5 times a week, following a mid vol plan. But as my wife have begun playing soccer again - I due to my son, can’t train proberly mondays and wednesdays.

I have room for weight lifting every morning before work (cant bike train in the morning) and other than that, i have free pass to train tuesday, thursdays, friday, saturday and sunday.

How would you properly schedule the training program? My focus is on being a better climber, since i’m attending LaMarmotte - however, i do like to be competitive against my friends here in denmarks, where the hills a 3-4 minutes long :slight_smile:


Why don’t you try Mid Volume, swapping wednesday to friday? Wednesday on mid volume is an aerobic ride…
Another option is Low Volume with an outdoor Group ride / long ride on sunday (that’s what I do)

Tues INtensity for 3-4m climbs
Wed Lift
Thurs Long Sweet Spot to work on climbing. Graduate this to Threshold and eventually threshold burst workouts
Sat/Sun Long endurance / group ride (use sparingly)


Brendan - EVOQ.BIKE

Sound good!
Would tuesday for example be like vo2 4 minutes 105-110% or?

And Thursdays like 2x20 - and what would a threshold burst look like?

@brendanhousler would it be fine to add and endurance ride friday for 1 hour, with 4 burst/lillesprints @bays workout? too?

vo2 could be a little harder, like 120%

bursting every 2m to 120% and immediately back down the threshold level (the lowering right back down is the tricky part)

I wouldn’t add that to Friday; rest and absorb the workouts. There’s plenty of stimulus with the other sessions

@brendanhousler 4mins at 120% ? How many repeats? souds tough!

So you’d think that just a couple of workouts during the week blended with some more steady and longs rides in the weekend would be enough to see gains?

you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish with those. start with 4 if you can, maybe do 5. Rest 4-8m between.

for sure, 2-3 days with intensity is a lot, you’ll definitely make gains with that.