Training benefit while using beet juice


As many others I feel that my workout is a little bit easier when I consume beetroot Juice. But do I still get the same training benefit as if I complete the same workout without beet?


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resurrecting thread because I am researching beetroot powder benefits. Yes, I agree you get the same training stim and benefit by completing a workout with or without beetroot. But… you may be able to complete a harder workout with supplementation than without, right? So you may be able to achieve higher training stim with it just due to nature of enduring a “harder” workout. That’s my understanding. Please correct me if incorrect.

Next question. How is quickly is the nitric oxide level changed from time of ingestion? Is there a cumulative effect of a daily regimen, or is it simply like hitting the nitro/turbo boost button upon consumption?


Not answering your question directly maybe but my experience with it is that it seems to offer some benefits like a decrease in RPE sometimes. It seems to work best when I haven’t used it recently and timing is crucial with about an hour before the workout.

The biggest side effect is what make me avoid it now, it has an extreme laxative effect on me and it’s enough to negate any benefit real or imagined. Now I just eat whole beats occasionally in my diet. I’m much more of a fan of caffeine and since caffeine and nitrates don’t seem to work in unison the choice to remove a concentrated dose of beet root powder from my training was easy.

My personal opinion is that it’s an over rated supplement, but a good choice for a whole food.

I love beetroot - wouldn’t have a salad without it…no idea if it helps with cycling though! :laughing: