TrainerRoad YouTube Change

I sympathize with the OP. I don’t mind the short videos myself, but had notifications on for the rare occasions I can catch the live videos. I ended up with too many notifications and have turned them off.

I agree. I usually will watch the full content(and I love the podcast) during my long weekend training ride. Maybe create a new/different channel for people who prefer the segmented versions?

From Jonathan’s post yesterday

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Used to like my weekly notification and not a fan of daily notifications of extracted parts. Understand why you do it and it’s your choice, but I’ll be turning notifications off and just manually visiting weekly for full length podcast. Problem easily solved. Keep up good work :slight_smile:

Another podcast I listen to created a new channel just for clips. One channel is called “FoundMyFitness”, the other “FMF Clips”. Maybe that’s a good option.

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Keep going. Thank you.