Sync from Garmin Connect to device, problem

I am having some trouble that is probably more garmin related than TR related, but perhaps someone can help out anyways. I clicked on todays workout (Wynne) to do it outside, and it transfered to my garmin connect and also appears there under workouts as well as scheduled in the calender. The problem is whenever I sync my garmin edge 510 to garmin connect over the iphone app, the sync process seems to go through but the workout does not end up on the device. Any ideas?

Hey @antonios,

This would be a great question to ask our Support Team at They are very familiar with the issues that arise in both the TrainerRoad and Garmin applications and they should be able to help sort out this issue :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, I am contacting them right away to solve the issue. In case someone else has the problem a less convenient workaround worked for me: syncing the device over cable and Garmin express (rather than Bluetooth and the app) did load the workout…