TrainerRoad with 4iiii power meter

Hi all.

I’m about to join TrainerRoad after spending the last 6 months on Zwift. At the moment, I connect my 4iiii crank-based power meter to Zwift, which I run on my laptop via Bluetooth. I intend to do the same with TrainerRoad, but wanted to check that this option will work, rather than having to purchase an Ant+ dongle?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I use a 4iiii PM and recently changed my training computer from an iPad to a refurbed HP desktop. I bought both bluetooth and ant+ dongles for said desktop but have been using the bluetooth connection exclusively and it has been working just fine. I also used my mac mini with bluetooth as a training computer a few times as well with no issues if you’re concerned about windows/mac functionality. So in short, there should be no issues connecting your 4iiii to your laptop via bluetooth so long as everything is up to date.

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Awesome, thank you! I was hoping to use the bluetooth built-in to my laptop so will give that a shot first!

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I previously used a 4iiii powermeter with the built-in bluetooth on my iPad and never had any issues. I would imagine the built-in bluetooth on your laptop should work as well.