4iiii or new trainer?

I am currently on a wired computrainer that needs to be replaced. Are there suggestions between a new smart trainer v a 4iiii or Garmin based power meter?

Bike is an older Cervelo S5. Not sure if the 4iiii left side meter will work.


You can check yourself, but I don’t see the Rotor crank arm as one you can use with a 4iiii left-only (I’m happy with mine, but it’s on a Shimano crank). https://shop.4iiii.com/products/left-side-precision-powermeter-factory-install?variant=19065985670&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2or8BRCNARIsAC_ppyZj0cS5MgUDVACZN-NXENLJqlWlIFIuvVyL823i3tBhPO79cWgobKcaAmUdEALw_wcB#details

As for smart trainer vs power meter, the former is going to be more expensive. If it were me, in Northern Hemisphere with 6 mo of lousy weather ahead, I might go for the smart trainer, work out with TR, play on Zwift, get in great shape, and save up for a power meter for next year. If I had great outside riding and good weather ahead, I’d get a used dumb trainer like the Road Machine and a power meter and have the best of both worlds, and forget Zwift.

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You have a Rotor crank, so the natural choice would be to use one of Rotor’s power meters. I don’t know the vintage of your cranks, but Rotor’s current cranks are modular, so you could upgrade relatively expensively to a single-sided power meter, me thinks.

Could you use Power2Max pm spider with those cranks and chainrings?

Thank you. I am in Canada - so long indoor season. I knew that my current cranks might be an issue. Rotor power meters are not inexpensive. I like the trainer now, power meter later idea. Likely go with power tap or Garmin pedals

Spent time today looking at these. Thanks for the tip. This might be my answer. And I like the price.

I vote for the PM - works inside and out. Get a used KK road machine if you need a different trainer to go along with the PM.