TrainerRoad Windows App Uploading Data

I’ve raised this as a ticket but keen to see if anyone else has the same issue…

My home connection is an ADSL broadband line with limited upload. It’s become apparent that TrainerRoad is constantly uploading large amounts of data when it is launched. I have installed Fiddler and by decrypting HTTPS I can see there is a PUT request being made to you API endpoint (/v1/applicationlogs). If I let the capture run for too long this crashes fiddler but I can see that in a 20 second capture the PUT request is at 18MB. The content of the PUT request just seems to be thousands of integer numbers (0-150?) in a list.

Re-installing TR doesn’t seem to help the issue at all.

Anyone else find it saturates their upload?

I’ve done a bit more digging, it looks like the following shows in electron-Production log files:

|? 12/15/2021 05:18:01.844 PM|(Thread 1)|PushLogsCommand|error when trying to upload log Error: timeout of 120000ms exceeded C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\TrainerRoadData\electron-Production\log\6377147517927792034_154186.log

As opposed to timing out - I think there is an issue with the way the logs are being interpreted for upload. Not sure if there is any way to disable this log upload feature temporarily while this is fixed?

Not really - not with FFTH and upload speeds in the 150-200 Mbps range… On starting the app, there’s a sync of libraries - workouts, plans, calendar - going on, which typically involves the client app sending its library catalogs up, to then receive changed items back. I assume this is what you see happening.

It seems to upload consistently, without pausing. Today I’ve left it running and it’s sent over 500MB traffic up to the API so pretty sure this isn’t the catalogue etc.

I’ve seen similar constant uploading with the iPad app on a slow DSL connection. It caused serious responsiveness issues in the app, with screens taking 10s of seconds to load. I’ve recently switched to a significantly faster internet connection and haven’t seen the problem since.

This doesn’t sound right at all. Did you say you have already reached out to support?

For what it’s worth the android app doesn’t seem to be affected - data usage reported at around 10mb a month.

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