TrainerRoad - what do users expect / want in the future

This… or just set it to what you know it is.


That would be one helluva sprint planning session! Count me in.


Yep, that’s my plan and I did reject the AI FTP score and set it myself. I’m going to test out TR in combination with Systm over the next month and I may renew one more month to continue if I like it. (To give it a fair shake.)

I don’t really trust the AI FTP detection so I’ll continue using the Half Monty and Full Monty from Systm to set my ftp. What I like about TR is the simplified workouts. Some workouts don’t need to be complicated and Systm schedules a fair amount of “NoVids” which isn’t much different from a TR workout except for using 4DP values.

However, TR does a better job at handling NoVid workouts than Systm does right this moment with the ability to extend training and the metrics it gives me during the workout. I like that about TR.

What I love about Systm are the Sufferfest videos, 4DP metrics and rider profile, the simulated race ProRides, and On Location threshold workouts.

TR also has a much better calendar than Systm does. So kudos for that. I mean, better as in every aspect of the TR calendar interface is better than Systm.

What I don’t like with TR so far, other than the AI FTP detection not working, is that the workout library for TR is huge and I don’t understand yet how all these weird names are associated with “30/30” or “4x20” workouts. But Systm has a similar issue too with videos that are not “NoVid.”

The traditional TrainerRoad training plan I was looked like a great way to lead me straight off the cliff of burnout. And the AI “Adaptive Training” keeps trying to give me 30 minute endurance workouts instead of the traditional 1-2hr sessions that I’m used to. Which is odd to me. So I won’t be using Adaptive Training or AI FTP Detection. At least not until TR learns more about me.

Thankfully the TR library seems to be well categorized to find what I need, but as I said, the names can be confusing and a little bit of a turn off for a new person like me.

I do like the “Ride Now” feature and that I could choose my duration and intensity then pick my ride. I’ll ignore the “Achievable,” “Stretch,” “Breakthrough,” “Not Recommended” bit until TR learns more about me.

I’ll give it a shot over the next month or so. I’m about to have my last race of the season so I have nothing but time coming up to screw around before getting “serious” again. I’ve loaded a polarized plan to my calendar to work with since that more closely resembles the type of training I’m most used to but I may just use TR as another tool to use in conjunction with Systm and Zwift but all controlled through my Training Peaks account. :sweat_smile:

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Your naming point is a good one. Back before there was TR AI, the plans were static and the rides were all named after climbs. It was great for socializing about the rides because we all knew exactly what Spanish Needle was and what plans it was in. Now that there is a much bigger workout library, I do think there is some value in just naming the workouts something like “VO2 4x4 w/3 min rests and 20 min w/u/c/d”.


100% I know it might be boring, but I did “Mizri Ghar” yesterday and I just felt “Tempo: 3x20” would have been easier for me to understand. It’s also easier when it uploads to Strava and TrainingPeaks to know what you’re looking at. I have a Tempo High Cadence 4x3 session scheduled next week in my Training Peaks account. I know what that looks like. I don’t know what “Muah” is.

  • Muah is a term that means kiss
  • A kiss can increase the rate or cadence of one’s heart
  • Rotating the cranks is like the heart of your bike
  • So, Muah is clearly a high cadence workout

So simple.



You don’t have to use AI FTP, you could either use your 305w or ramp test etc, but beware some folk over or under perform on tests and for them AI FTP gives them a much more accurate number. Try your 305w but you might find it too high for training and you don’t want to burn out.


What training plan do you have loaded OR are you using Train Now for individual sessions? In my 2+ years of using TR (off and on), i’ve never been dealt a 30 minute session unless I’ve explicitly chosen one via Train Now (which duration there can be changed by the user, but don’t recall it EVER defaulting to 30 minutes).

It’s possible you have one of the “Time Crunched” plans loaded? Maybe you need to change that up if you are looking for longer durations?


And after completing a 30 minute strength/conditioning workout before lunch:

Updated workout suggestions if I agree with their exertion recommendations. An easy hour on the bike would stay within their exertion guidelines for today based on recovery.

Never explicitly told Athlytic about my cycling, it learned that I do a lot of 2 hour rides at mixed intensities, and earlier today suggested a 2 hour endurance ride. I realize Rome wasn’t built in a day, however this type of adaptive training is where I’d like to see TR arrive sooner rather than later (as others have stated, this isn’t the only platform with this type of adaption).

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I tried using “Plan Builder” to create a plan in Trainer Road and the adaptations it recommends for me after my rides are in the 30 minute mark. I’ve been doing training with my 305 ftp for the past month 4-6 weeks. No burnout here and all my HR levels are remaining consistent to my zones. My last race was three weeks ago and it was a 9-1/2hr MTB race (Marji Gesick 64). A 30 minute “endurance” ride at 273ftp for me would be a Zone 1 recovery spin.

Now, to be fair, like I mentioned earlier. I just started trying TrainerRoad again this week and only for two rides. I’m just tinkering around as I primarily use Systm and Training Peaks. I’m just looking to switch things up a little.

You mean my original power profiling:


Yes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Would you be willing to show a few weeks of your TR calendar? I’m also really surprised to hear it’s regularly recommending 30 min rides in your plan.


I haven’t been using Trainer Road. As I said multiple times already. It had to import my activities and it’s missing the strength training I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here you go:

Sorry, I’m confused. I thought you said you had created a TR plan that was recommending 30 minute workouts?


Yes. I loaded a TR plan using plan builder on Monday, just to have a placeholder plan in here. I use TrainingPeaks and Systm for my actual training plan. Then I visited my calendar, and it tried to “adapt” the plan I just made. I rejected the adaptations. Then I did Mizri Ghar yesterday, which although being a normal type of ride for me, called it a “Breakthrough” and then tried to adapt my plan again. Then after I did my sprint workouts today (the 6 x 15s) and then Baxter -1 it tried adapting my plan again.

All of the adaptations being reductions of my workouts for the next couple weeks to 30 minute workouts save one which was a scheduled 1:30 it tried to reduce to 1hr.

There is a possibility it’s just because TR isn’t used to me and I haven’t been using it, nor is it my sole training platform. But one would think the AI should be able to read the TSS and duration from previous weeks and calculate accordingly.

Not to get way off topic here but… is @Nate_Pearson training for another Leadville run? Sorry if I missed this elsewhere. Just took me back to the old podcast talking about races and training leading up to them.


Thanks Nate for all of the exciting news! Things look better than ever and I CANNOT WAIT to smash the masters button!!!



Said the same thing a few days ago.

This should be a feature request. So annoying to look at those random workout names and trying to remember wtf is that? :face_exhaling: