Trainerroad visit to Australia

Hey folks,

I heard with delight and surprise on the most recent episode that @Nate_Pearson is coming to Australia.

I think there is some discussion on another thread, but I thought a separate thread was warranted given the distance that he (and hopefully some of the others) will be traveling. Also, Trainerroad users in Australia must be some of the most dedicated given that we can ride all year around outside.

Hopefully this thread can encourage:

  • more of the team to come

  • a visit to the superior crit scene of Melbourne


Given the hazardous air conditions in Sydney, this isn’t the best time for @Nate_Pearson to be visiting this place. :frowning_face:

Sorry, mate.

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I haven’t got all the way through the Podcast yet, but that’s outstanding news. When we know a date, can we organise a TR ride? And @Nate_Pearson can you being a bag full of TR swag :slight_smile:


@Nate_Pearson which dates are you here?? Hopefully the smoke clears so you can get a weekend ride in!

I would be down for a TR ride/meet up. Please bring the TR swag :wink:

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In for this!

Fairly certain that Nate’s already in Sydney. Probably stuck in a meeting somewhere. :smiley:

Oh and Heffron is still on weather watch with decision to be made shortly.

Just happened to be listening to this podcast…sounded like March 5th next year.


Hopefully @Nate_Pearson and the team can make it back in future to Radelaide for the Tour Down Under (January) part of the UCI WorldTour.


There won’t be any trees left come March!
I’m so freaking sick of all the dust and smoke…

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Just to give people perspective of the size of bushfires we’re talking about here.

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The best way to look at them is using the BOM hi def satellite viewer.

That really puts them into perspective.

(Sorry for getting sidetracked OP).

All our crits in Canberra have been cancelled this week.

I’ll be there March 5->15th for Entrepreneurs Organization Global University. It’s a learning event for entrepreneurs.

It sounds like I can do 2-3 races while I’m there.

Questions and things:

  1. What days are heffron park crits?
  2. Someone else is organizing a long no drop ride on Sunday. I’m asking if we can make this a big group thing.
  3. Sutherland seems like another option but there’s a hill, what’s that one like?
  4. Any other races or rides I should be aware of?
  5. What grade should I race at each event? I’m not racing for points so I just want to make the best videos.
  6. If you come out to race against me be gentle, you Aussies are fast!

Later in the second week I’ll be in full on conference mode so I might not be available.


Sutherland crits video :

Heffron crits video:

Heffron is a much sketchier concrete surface :grimacing:

I suspect you are somewhere between A and B grade, not sure that helps!

Fellow Aus riders, feel free to correct my response but I’ll take a first stab

  1. Tuesday Nights (over summer, I believe it wraps up late March? so you should be able to make it). It also runs on Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings, not as hard as Tuesday nights
  2. Definitely keen for the long ride! There are plenty of routes (I live north of sydney) that can range from 85-165km easily
  3. Haven’t raced this one yet, anyone else chime in?
    • HART (Friday night crit race on a drivers learning centre, technical course with one steep pinch)
    • West Head Road Race (once a month on a Sunday, great course with plenty of lumpy climbs (I raced it recently, here’s a link to the race data)
    • Beaumont Road Crit (Usually once a sunday, hotdog crit)
  4. I think you could be very competitive in B grade, the jump to A is quite steep IMO. A grade is frequented by the domestic race teams and it’s very very fast. With plenty of races in Sydney you can probably try them all!

Any chance of coming to Melbourne @Nate_Pearson?

Also, how much faster in w/kg are Australian TrainerRoad users?

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More of a Fondo than a race, and some distance from Sydney, but the Peaks Challenge is on March 8th.

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There’s also a great GP course around Eastern Creek! It’s an hour+ long rolling race, on a super smooth surface. I believe it also runs once a month.
A-grade averages at around 40-43kmh.

Going South, a lumpy/hilly route around Royal National Park. Beautiful road and you can make it as hard or as easy as you like.

I am most definitely in for a “No Drop” TR group ride.


That is a very impressive visualisation. I had no idea what 2M hectares looked like but looking at it on a GB map really shows the scale of it lists races for a number of clubs around Sydney, not all there yet for next year. We (Waratah Masters) are at Lansdowne in March but it looks like HART is planned further north. Bound to be some midweek racing too, Tuesdays at the Dragway or Raceway with Marconi or Thursdays at the Armoury with LACC. Both usually get listed on cabici.