Gustav Iden and Kristian Blumenfelt use TrainerRoad!

Watching this short promotional video from Norwegian athletes’ coach and spotted TRin the background

Here’s video


Or at least the lab they were using for this.


I saw that last night and was going to post but you beat me to it! I hope this becomes a regular channel so I subscribed.

I remember seeing a post of the forum a long time ago where they were using a TR graph/visualisation for run/bike training and Nate got in contact with Olav (their coach). I can’t find it but I think them/the lab they use have leveraged TR before!

Now if only TR added support for some of the sensors they used like muscle oxygen (moxy) and body temp (Core). More data, better adaptive training. Basically the machine learning version of what this video is about

Was interesting how they had core on their hr chest strap and their wrist as core and periphery work differently with temp

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Another picture in this thread

Also at 7:07 in video you can see gustav iden’s O2 uptake is ~6800ml :flushed: