Stryd power & cadence display

Hi – I should just head to the gym and try this, buuut not there yet – Does TrainerRoad software connect to the Stryd footpod, to show power and cadence? My use case: export a TrainingPeaks power-based run workout to TrainerRoad, head to the treadmill, start the workout and see power & cadence numbers from the Stryd on the TR app (on an iPad if that matters). I’m of course not looking for the resistance of the treadmill to change, I just want to see my numbers from the Stryd. There are other ways to get these numbers, I know, but just wondering if TR shows them.


I just use the Stryd App, but I would bet good money it works with TR. It’s BLE so it would appear as just another powermeter.

…you’re going to run Bald Knob?

Interesting idea. Let us know if it works! I’m not sure it’s worth any trouble, but maybe. I’ve done quite a few Stryd power interval workouts on the dreadmill without needing additional interface besides my FR 235, but it could be a cool trick to use TR if it works. Obviously the calculations would be all wrong unless your rFTP is set as your FTP in TR.

Yeah I’ll try it this afternoon when I get to the gym and report back. Right now I use Zwift to see these numbers but I just absolutely don’t care about seeing an avatar run around (biking it’s a bit better). Just want the numbers and a TR graph would be nice. I won’t bother with this if it’s much hassle.

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I’ve used TR with Stryd in the past and it shows both Power and cadence


How do you handle FTP percentages? My running (per Stryd) and cycling FTP are quite far apart.

Perfect! Thanks much. On my way now to do the same.

I just used absolute values in the workout creator as there was no way of changing threshold values for different sports.

With no erg mode and adjusting the treadmill manually there was no real need to be exact with the numbers they just gave a run a structure to follow. The run in the screen shot was essentially 8x1k cruise intervals for example, the exact power/speed I ran at can change depending on my legs on the day😄

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Ok finally made it to the gym and tested it. Worked great. TR paired easily with the Stryd, and gave me the power and cadence numbers I was looking for.