TrainerRoad Training Plan VS the 80/20

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using trainerRoad for few months now and very happy with it. I’m looking at building a Training Plans using TrainerRoad but I was surprised to see that the proposed plan had the following intensity using “General Build”
M: Off T: Moderate W: Moderate T: Moderate F: Easy S: Difficult S: Moderate

When I was training last year with a coach for an IronMan I was doing 2 intensives sessions and all my other rides were easy - following the 80/20 principal, I would have expect to see more easy session.

Can you please explain why the programs are set like that? Looking forward to learn more.

There is a lot of existing 80/20 (Polarized in our forum system tags). Here is a search result list that you can use to find those threads.

In short, the TrainerRoad approach is centered around “time constrained” athletes. This leads them to use more intensity in shorter training time vs the greater time at lower intensity that is core to Polarized training.

It is all far more complicated than that, and I am sure people can expand far better than my short description.


Thanks you from bringing some more clarification - can you advice on book / blog to read on the topic? - Started to read the threads you shared.

Yeah, many of those threads have links to articles and podcasts in particular. The “Fast Talk Labs” group has done many of them. There are also several from “That Triathlon Show” and many more I don’t even remember.

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I also have several links (no idea if they still work) to the ones I used when I headed down this road 2 years ago.

Check out the “TM Refs” Tab in the link below.

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