TrainerRoad Team Mashup or who are you like

After getting about halfway through my binge listening to old Ask a Cycling Coach podcasts, I started compared myself to the team. Here are the charactertics I could relate to. Anyone else do this?

  • old (I’ve actually got about 7 more years) and bald like @chad

  • 5’10” and 152 pounds almost like @Jonathan

  • Bad allergies, sinus infections, and sinus surgeries to remove polyps like @Nate_Pearson

Unfortunately I can’t relate on FTP (230) or Watts/kg (3.3) to any of them.

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  • Questionable diet with too few greens (salad… what’s that stuff? :stuck_out_tongue: )
    • So I’m worse than “old” Nate when it comes to eating the “good” stuff, and it’s likely the weakest part of my training life.
  • Steady motor that really builds after 3 hours


  • 45 yo (just a touch younger than him)
  • Ridden bikes actively since 1992 and lived through the evolution MTB
  • No kids, only fur babies.


  • 5’ 10" and 145lbs (identical build, but lacking his impressive FTP)
  • Rode dirt motorcycles from 7 yo to 18 yo (raced low level through high school)
  • Transitioned to BMX, Trials, then MTB and finally Road through college
  • I have a solid snap sprint (18 w/kg) up to about 20 seconds
  • Also a non-drinker of the adult bevs.

Built like Jonathon; some of the same health issues and ahem “neuroses” as Nate since I come from a tri background as well; enjoy designing and studying training like Chad.

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Analytical like Coach Chad, and life is too short to not enjoy a good beer :beer:

Chad’s social media director on Strava (cough cough Nate cough cough) needs to get with the program and name the beers!

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