I’m new here. First ramp test completed

As the title says I’m a newbie and I thought I’d introduce myself. Signed up for TrainerRoad this morning and did my first ramp test. The results were pretty much on par with what I was expecting and I’m happy with where I’m at, but looking forward to improving.

I’ve been riding pretty seriously for about 8 months now. I turned 40 in March and as that milestone approached it got me thinking more about fitness so I started in January with a zwift training plan. On my 40th birthday I did a 40km ride and it felt great. By May I got up to regularly doing 100km rides on the weekends with shorter rides during the week. Once the weather got nicer in the spring structured training kind of fell off the radar. I put in a lot of kilometers on the road, but not much structure. I’ve still made some improvements but I know structured training brings bigger gains. One of the reasons I decided to start with TrainerRoad is the ability to use it with my garmin for outside workouts.

I ride mostly for the social aspect, but I am thinking about trying a criterium next summer. I also ride to offset my beer drinking. I’m a brewer for a living…

Base training starts Monday. Looking forward to getting faster.



Welcome - enjoy the journey!

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welcome to traineroad. keep an eye out for the podcasts. i started cycling at 40, and 10 years later i’m still enjoying whole thing.

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I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple months now. It’s great! Definitely helped with the decision to pick TR over other options.