Outside training [Wahoo issues]

As before follow below URL instruction WAHOO can pull the workout. While I also cannot in this week.
anyone facing same problem with me.

Pushing an Outside Workout to Wahoo – TrainerRoad

It’s been a bit of a mess lately; Here is how I’m getting it to work.

Set the workout as outdoor on the web or TR app. Deauthorize TR from your ELEMNT app then reconnect.

Once you reconnect, the workout should sync.

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Wahoo released an app update to address this. For anyone experiencing this issue, it can be resolved simply by updating to the latest Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app.

If you need further support or are still experiencing issues, please contact support@trainerroad.com.
Closing this thread up to keep the forum tidy from the multiple threads like this, and to prevent confusion for athletes in the future experiencing issues unrelated to this Wahoo update. Cheers!


Heads up! Turns out Wahoo introduced a new bug that may still be presenting problems with outside workouts, and Wahoo is working on their fix as we speak. Ope.

A workaround to get workouts to sync properly to Wahoo is to Disconnect and Reconnect TrainerRoad within the Wahoo ELEMNT Companion app. This should work until Wahoo gets their next fix released.

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