Trainerroad freezing due to cold garage?

This morning during my workout Trainerroad froze several times, the longest for about 10 minutes with all data lost in between. It’s the first time it’s happened and no big deal since it was recovery day, but i’m wondering if it’s due to the cold temp in my garage and it’s effect on my laptop. I’ve had the same setup on much colder days, but i’d say it was 58 deg in the garage with the fan placed in front of the computer. Any tech guys know if this is cold enough to slow processing time?

Something else, no phone or computer in good working condition is going to have a problem working in the 50-60F range. It would need to be much hotter, or much colder.

My computer has worked in the garage when it was a nice, balmy 30 F. “I” struggled to work, but the computer (and TR) did.

Gotta be something else. Make sure your computer is blown out of dust, etc.

I highly doubt the temperature of your garage is what caused the app to “freeze.” :wink: Usually, these “freezes” are errors in the programming of the app, or the result of low computing power of a device (like running out of RAM).
Are you on the latest version of the app? We also recommend closing all other programs that are running on your laptop while using TrainerRoad so there’s nothing else taking up valuable processing power. If you keep experiencing freezes, send us an email at That’s not normal and we want to get it sorted out for you!

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The laptop won’t freeze due to the temperature. Is there another process running that could be causing the laptop to use extra resources which result in TR crashing?

Nothing else was running at the time…

Just to add, I assume the machine isn’t running a virus scan or windows updates.

Assuming there’s nothing OS related causing the issue, then I’m sure the TR support team will get to the bottom of it

If not already and assuming you have a head unit then always run both at the same time. Laptops, phones, ant+ all have bad days sometimes. A wahoo / Garmin unlikely to fail on you.

When was the last time you restarted your laptop? It may be that you had some processes running in the background chewing up RAM even though “nothing else was running”.

Scotland here. Training room: unheated brick outhouse. Last winter was colder than minus 10 degrees on some of my turbo sessions, around 0 deg C inside, increased to 5 degrees with a few minutes of fan heater (I know, I’m soft!).

The amazing thing is I still needed the industrial fan in my face by the time I got into a workout!

All hardware and software behaved very well.

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