Trainerroad Bug IDs? Support confirmed resistance mode spiking over 200%

TR support confirmed there is a bug in the revamped desktop version affecting the experience when in “resistance” mode. A recently known issue with our latest revamp of the desktop app. The issue is exactly as I described; when the trainer drops in resistance mode, it’s not picked back up nearly quickly enough and causes the spike.

The spike is brutal, over 200% of FTP. Unfortunately I use resistance mode for the 8-minute and and 20 minute tests. There was a recent TR desktop update so I decided to test resistance mode and sure enough still spiked over 200%. I can tell you this, a 200% spike during a threshold test is painful at best and unrecoverable at worst, especially when it happens 8x over a 20 minute test.

So TrainerRoad folk, what’s the BugID? How do I know if/when this will be fixed, it’s kind of critical. I know most folks have moved on to the ramp test, but there are still quite a few uses for the 8/20 minute tests and resistance mode in general. Please fix ASAP.

Are you in contact with directly for this issue?

If so, that seems like the best place to get the info you want.

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As @mcneese.chad mentioned, Support will be your best resource for this :+1:.

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