TrainerRoad + Apple Watch for HR? [Feature Request]

I would love to see watchOS support as well!


I’m looking forward to this feature as well.


Just subscriber, and you know, it would be cool. I even have an app for turbo trainers that works with Apple Watch, it is not that hard :wink:


It isn’t a perfect system, but I am using a free app called Heartcast on the watch and my iPhone to broadcast to TrainerRoad. Of course a fully integrated solution would be ideal but this works for now.


I’ll bump this to the team again. Thanks, all!


Yup. It’d be great if I could start and stop workouts with an Apple Watch as well as transmit heart rate. Don’t overthink it, transmission of heart rate data with a giant button or two is enough. Right now I have to lean forward and reach to my iPad, which can be difficult when my brain is starved of oxygen and I move with the subtlety of a drunk cat on ice.


Thanks Ivy. Glad to see you’re not using a burner account.


Also using HeartCast when I forget to put my heart rate strap on and I‘m too lazy to get off the bike and look for it. For me it works fairly ok, it has frozen on me a couple of times, I‘d say it’s 80% reliable for me, which I suppose is good enough for me given how lazy I am in this regard.

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Thank you!! It’s getting a little awkward trying to explain to people why I have a strange red rash across my chest from my Garmin HR monitor! Allergies suck!

I used it too. I have found it sometimes doesn’t show the HR in the Trainerroad app despite the phone being paired. A restart of the Trainerroad app fixes it.

BlueHeart seems to work really well lately. No issues for the last few weeks.

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HI - how do you connect it to TR? My setup is my Apple Watch 4 and my iphone Xs. I run the TR App on my iphone.
I tried Blueheart and also Heartcast but none if this is working.

What exactly do i have to do - Step by Step - to get this work?
Or do you guys use a third device like a notebook or a tablet?


Another instance of why TR should be integrated with Apple Health.

For me I use my Apple Watch with BlueHeart app. I pair it to my iPad or computer via the device list in the TR app


Ahhh thanks. With the TR computer app its working.

And yes - would be great if TH intergrate Apple Health.


NPE CABLE + Heartbeatz
Heartbeatz broadcasts Apple HR to ANT+. CABLE converts ANT+ to BLE

Thanks, all! Will bump this to the team again. :metal:


I would love to see this. My Wahoo HR monitor has just died and would prefer to use my watch rather than buy a new one.

I can see that people want this but is the Apple Watch even designed for continuous HR monitoring?

Even during a “Workout” my Watch only samples HR at some interval. A continuous reading seems like it would be a battery drain.

During workouts the Apple Watch does continuously measure heart rate, same as optical heart rate straps.

If you use Zwift, you can use your apple watch continuously as a HR monitor. This is why it’s requested.

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