Apple Watch Heart Rate Connectivity

Does anyone have any insights on when we can expect to be able to use the HR monitor from our Apple Watches with the TrainerRoad app on the iPhone? Similar to zwift.

I’m asking because my hr strap is on its last legs and I really don’t want to drop the coin on a new one if this feature is right around the corner.

It’s pretty silly to have two HR monitors on anyways when most of us have some sort of wrist HR device already.

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Booooo. Why not? Seems like a pretty valuable feature to add to a health app. I use an Apple Watch to track HR and was bummed to find this out.

This is conjecture on my part, but probably it is connected to how Apple’s watchOS does and does not share heart rate data. If TrainerRoad ran solely on the Apple Watch, they’d probably have access to the heart rate data, but as far as I understand there is no way to connect the Apple Watch to another device as a heart rate sensor.

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I tried it with Zwift a few times. It wasn’t reliably connecting and staying connected. Went back to a HR strap.

I have the new watch and I do not have any problems connecting to Zwift. I run the iPhone app and Apple TV and the watch is the only HR sensor I have. I dropped the chest strap a very long time ago…since optical reading on the wrist became reliable. I think you guys should definitely try to work this one out…your product is too good to just not do the legwork to make it work. If there is a will there is a way. Put this feature at the top of your (backlog/to-do) list PLEASE.

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I’d love it if TR could make this happen but it is more frustrating that Apple doesn’t make their products play nicely with everybody else. All the different products we interact with can make an Apple Watch app or Apple could just make their product connect like every other heart rate monitor.

Hi guys! I’ve made a small Apple Watch + iPhone app with which you can use the Apple Watch HR with TrainerRoad. It exposes the heart rate of the Apple Watch by sending the data to the iPhone,
which then sends it to any other device by mimicking a bluetooth heart rate sensor (I tested it with TrainerRoad and the Hammerhead Karoo bike computer, both work :slight_smile:). It’s still very beta (first test was yesterday, but if anyone is interested in helping me test, just email me at ).


You rock! I wish I had an Apple Watch now …

Look in your Inbox. Wuold love to test it.


App now available for public beta testing!

I also put a vote in to add this feature. Apple Watch user base continues to grow, it’s already really big, and heart rate accuracy on it continues to improve. But for me, I don’t have a heart rate monitor, so any accuracy is better than none.

Thanks to @JorritPosthuma for devising a solution. Updating Apple Watch now to try it out!

How did this work out?

Hey, it’s working out really well, syncs quickly (about 4 seconds normally) on bluetooth alternative and has been rock solid for the duration of TR workouts. Thanks so much. Let me know if you have have a tip account anywhere.

@JorritPosthuma read above. Also, will your app sync to a garmin head unit as well? - tried it quickly with no luck but assumed the raw data is the same? Or does it fail as the Garmin is already connected to the phone over Bluetooth for phone notifications etc.?

So the HeartbyProxy app beta expired and I haven’t been able to reach Jorrit.

Using an app called HeartCast successfully now. Recommend that to anyone looking for a solution. It’s free, but i felt it worth it so I donated.

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Sorry for my late response. I have been sick for the past few months, but finally getting better! I pushed a new beta, and I’m doubting to just publish it as a 1.0 release.

Beta testing link:

For people that also use it for the Hammerhead Karoo, here’s a movie about connecting to Karoo:


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I use Blueheart successfully. There is a Free version but I decided to buy the Pro upgrade to support the developer and make the UI slicker.

Blueheart didnt work for me in TR or Rouvy.

HeartbyProxy or HeartCast have both worked for me on inside rides. They don’t connect to Garmin outdoor if I want notifications.