Trainerroad app download size 430 MB

I was wondering why the TR app downloads every workout and uses 430 MB of data storage on my phone. That seems a bit inefficient to me. Can’t we just download the plans or workouts we want as we need them?


Guessing a bit here, but this allows the ability to do a workout with no connection to wifi, web, etc.

Likely, but I would prefer to download plans or workouts one at a time as I need them.

This is what my iPad reports

Doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I’m on an Android phone and it is 430 MB with the cache empty. It was 520 MB before I cleared the cache. That’s over half a gig of phone memory.

My Android version has that much too, but I think that’s quite reasonable with everything they store. Would prefer to have everything easily accessible and already downloaded versus having to download each time I wanted a new workout. How much storage does your phone have? I feel like unless you have an older 16GB, 400 - 500 MB isn’t that big a deal.

I’ve got 64 GB on my Pixel 2XL. I just don’t see why you need to have 2,000 workouts sitting on your phone using storage when you are following a plan that might have 20 different workouts? The more data you have loaded in memory the slower all your other apps will perform.

True, but they’re not going to leave all those workouts raring to go in your RAM hindering other apps. And in your cache I bet TR takes up a small portion of what’s in there. Mine is 20MB right now and I haven’t cleared it recently. Having workouts on your storage isn’t going to impact anything, especially on a Pixel. If you’re having performance issues on that it’s likely due to something else.

Could 100% get on board with looking to this because of slower phones. Ex. You auto download the workouts that are in the plans, plus the other most used or something and everything else is on demand.

But I’d guess you’d have plenty of people not a fan (myself included) of having to keep downloading individual workouts each time I wanted something new that was out of the norm.

App data sitting on your phone’s flash memory does not make other apps slower.

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No speed issues. I’m just afraid of my phone getting alzheimers.

I do notice that when I start TR on my laptop it does seem to take a while refreshing now. I thought it could go 30 days in between having to connect to validate you are a subscriber. It refreshes every time. Maybe a self refresh option every few days and mandatory once a week?

It might be worth removing it and doing a fresh install. Mine isn’t near that size on android.

My app size on Android 9.0 is 189.3 MB, same as Neil above.

The official size in the app store for android is 92mb.

That’s exactly half of my app size. I might have to uninstall and reinstall.

Strange. Now I get this?