TrainerRoad - and workouts similar to another training app

Confession - I have previously used other well known training apps…before realising the benefit of Trainer Road.
I wondered about making a list of workouts that are similar to other apps, to help other users have the confidence to use TR as well/instead?

For example G.O.A.T is a 42 minute. 48TSS IF 0.83 workout.

Looks very similar to?
Haekel-4. 45 minutes. 60TSS. IF 0.9 (easliy reduced by dropping % to 90)

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Whats the other program?
I was using ErgDB and HurtsErgo for comparison testing but the ErgBD database is no longer accessible.



In my view, workouts in TrainerRoad are superior in some ways. Each of them has description text with goals of workout, many of them have instructions displayed during the workout.


With about 2000 workouts in TR most typical style workouts will be covered.
I do recall a user making a spreadsheet with a match of TR and Sufferfest workouts. I will see if I can find a link.


I did look but could not find the link. Sorry.

ERGdb is called TrainerDay now

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It’s now called TrainerDay and has a new App for both iOS and Android.
It was a bummer that it didn’t work w/ my trainer tho.

So it was a catalyst to make my own (BreakAway: Indoor Training)

I saw a list on slowtwitch forums. It is pretty dated.
Was not a spreadsheet, just a list.
ie for X, do Y at 68%

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