Is there an easy way to compare multiple attempts at the same trainer road workout?

Hey guys,

I’m keen to compare multiple attempts at the same workout - is there an easy way to do that?

For example, if I’ve done the workout Ericsson a handful of times, is there a way I can compare the details of each completed workout (like e.g., my Heart Rate data) other than scrolling back through the calendar?


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Nothing “official” but I came up with this as a work around:


If you look at the my rides section at the bottom of the workout page (here for Ericsson) you can see all your past rides.

I just open them in different tabs to compare them.


Yes, this is essentially another way. Simply open 2 rides and split the screen to review them side-by-side. It is different than my solution above, and gives access to different info about each workout, but can also help for comparison. This is best done on a PC/Mac with plenty of screen size.

We have an open enhancement request for a better tool, but these are what we have for now.

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If you don’t mind stepping outside of the TRverse and want to nerd out on data, then try Golden Cheetah. Export your workouts and import to that. Then turn on the Compare panel and drag in the workouts.


It would be really nice though to have an option to searxh past rides by name. Or at least sort them to compare.

  1. On the web, go to “Career”
  2. Click “Past Rides”
  3. Enter your desired ride name in the search box.
    • you will see any and all results.

Sweet and thanks Chad

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Thanks fellas - I hadn’t noticed the ‘My Rides’ section at the bottom before - that’s useful. Appreciate all the help.

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Hopefully there’s still plans to enhance this function to compare the same effort across multiple dates. The RAMP test is a classic example of wanting to compare heart rate, power rpms etc. broken down by minute. Yes I could open multiple tabs and export to another app. but I want to live in the TR app.


Any advance on this feature being added?
I’d specifically like to also see my HR on the comparison chart, in addition to power.
So 4 lines: 2 power and 2 HR for the same workout.
If more workouts are added then it would show more lines.

I’ll mention this again to the product team to make sure it’s still on their radar, but there is no update at this time for getting this feature request on the roadmap. I can understand the desire to see how workouts stack up against one another by effort as your fitness progresses!

I just want to make sure you’re aware of the ‘My Rides’ tool on each workout’s page so you can at a glance see your efforts, and expand them individually. Not a ‘side-by-side comparison tool’ but at least an easy way to sort by workout!

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Hi Ivy - many thanks for the reply. Yes, I’m aware of the My Rides feature. However I’d like to do a more in depth comparison as described above. Thanks David.

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