TrainerRoad and Ant+ stationary bike

I have a possibility to use Tomahawk stationary bike with wattage for some of my sessions, anyone have any experience on if it is possible to connect TrainerRoad mobile app with those bikes? I assume that they have Ant+ (have not been able to check that though), but is there something else possibly prohibiting the wattage-transfer to the app?
If the connecting is not possible, then I’ll just opt to my old reliable Kurt Kinetic and powertap rearwheel :slight_smile:

Hey Sluoma!

I’m not sure your exact model of Stationary Bike, but after a little reasearch it looks like Tomahawk Stationary Bikes typically do not have wireless communications. Your model may be different than the ones I was able to find though, so you will want to look for anything that says “ANT+” or “Bluetooth” on the bike.

If it does happen to be enabled with ANT+ (not regular ANT) or Bluetooth 4.0, then you will want to make sure that you have the approriate dongles on your TrainerRoad Device. You can learn about the dongles needed for your specific setup here:

BT 4.0:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


Thanks Bryce!

I have the dongles etc. but sadly you are correct, no ANT+ on the bike (was able to check this finally yesterday).
So it looks like I just need to run the TR session separately and keep the watts in correct place through the bike’s display. And type the numbers in manually later…

But anyway, thanks for the support here! Maybe its just easier to do the session at home on my trainer and do some strength-work at the gym where the bike is :grin:


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