TrainerRoad analysis

I did a session today, it was Carson +2 transcribed to do the workout in RGT. Overall average power was 185W but the TR analysis shows 165. Why is this?

I’d guess it’s the difference in including zeros in the average y/n. All the other metrics seem the same.

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Does the higher one strip out zeros from being averaged?

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I seem to recall something like this being said before. The route for recording was RGT, auto sync to Strava and then TrainerRoad picked it up so no separate head unit involved. Is this a ‘fault’ with TR or RGT?

As above: TR number includes zeros; RGT doesn’t.

You can tell the TR number is correct because work done = average power * time * 3.6

168 * (5407/3600) * 3.6 = 908 (margin of error away from your TR kj(Cal) figure)


Maybe check the “Power Zones” section in the TR workout, and see if there is “Coasting”. As above, I suspect it’s the zeros / no-zeros issue, but this check may help confirm that.