TrainerRoad 20min ftp test protocol or the Andrew Coggan protocol?

TrainerRoad 20min ftp test protocol or the Andrew Coggan protocol???
Preferred method and differences??
Why do you need the 5 min hard section??

The main difference is the 5 minute blow out prior to starting the 20’ effort.
TR has the effort at about 120% of FTP whereas the AC one requires an all out 5’ effort which could be higher - for me 288 v trying to hit 295-300.

I have been using the AC one for the last 15 months when using a coach but I have now reverted to the TR one.

Undoubtedly the AC does take more out of you and so impacts the 20’ effort but as long as you are consistent I do not think it matters too much.

As a TTer I do not train for 5 minute efforts particularly so I see the AC version as being a little too challenging for me.

What you do have to be careful is improving your FTP over 20 minutes when out on the road. In that case you normally have not done any sort of blowout prior to that so you should not be adjusting FTP based on that ride - unless you are massively ahead of FTP… So if my FTP was 240 and I did 260 for 20’ in a TT I would not be changing my FTP based on that as 95% of 255 is 242 but I have not done that blowout.

Is the 5min blow an actual test in itself?? As in 5min power test?? Im a time trialist so I dont think Id need that 5min number?
There are are few different tests out there including a 30min one. I suppose its a case of pick one and stick with it!