Trainer road plans with erratic cyclist

Firstly Hi, I’ve been riding for several years with intermittent breaks, usually weather or injury related. I think I started with an FTP of around 170 and I’m hovering around 250ish now.

This is the first time in a couple of years I’ve both cycled through the winter (indoor trainer and commuting) and not had tendonitis in the knee from no ACL kicking my ass forcing a stop and I’ve certainly noticed an improvement, I’ve never done any training.

I’ve signed up for a 100 miler XC event (My preference is dirt but I ride road also) yet the longest I’ve done is a 60 miler on the road and that was years ago.

I have about 3 months and I’m curious if using a built plan from TR would get me upto and riding that with ease. I tend to go from 3, to 7 or 8 hours cycling on a two week cycle with my shifts so can possibly do a low / mid hybrid plan, and can possibly get out and do longer Z1/Z2 rides (my default) when the weather is better on top of the plan.

Does this seem practical at all, I’ve never tried this so I’m not sure if it’s not a better choice or me just ramping up the range on bike rides frankly for this. It’s also not a race, but I certainly don’t want to be a snail on it.

If you got through that, cheers for reading.

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Not an expert but a low volume plan with either added Z2 (but actually Z2) rides or using “Train Now” and picking the duration and type of workout you want to do should work great for you. In general your training should get more specific as you get closer to the event so some longer rides on terrain similar to your event when your schedule allows certainly won’t hurt.