Training for first 100 mile sportive

Hi all,

I joined TrainerRoad today, having tried Zwift and sufferfest previously.

I’ve joined TrainerRoad as I’d like to follow a structured training plan to get me ready for my first 100 mile sportive on September 18th. Can anyone give me some tips on whether it’s best to create a plan (and how to create one) or follow the century plan?

I’ve followed training plans on sufferfest and Zwift before so I’m not new to interval training. However, I’ve had a month off training.

Thank you

This is what Plan Builder is for - just press the button, plug in the info and it will spit out a plan for you.

If you joined TR for a structured pla rather than one of those crap things printed in cycling magazines, then this is the best way to do it.


Totally agree. Plan Builder is awesome!

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Barely an off-season. Use plan builder as a baseline.

Focus on the provided workouts for your chosen volume and adjust through self-awareness. IE, if you choose LV and still feel good on the third Sunday morning after the hard workout on Saturday, feel free to go for a long endurance ride on Sunday, with Monday as a recovery/short or off day. Back at it Tuesday. If you feel like sh(t on Sunday after a week of structured work, take Sunday and Monday off.

I’d suggest trying to sneak in a few confidence building long-rides for psychological and dietary learning purposes if you’ve never gone long before, even if they’re not listed on the plan. 6-10 hour days require some mental gymnastics that a 90 minute interval session can’t really prepare you for.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve used the plan builder and went for Low volume. Still can’t help worrying that the volume is too low to prepare me for 100 miles. I will try and fit in some Sunday group rides in addition. Looking forward to the RAMP test tomorrow.

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Just remember the point of this type of intensity is that it develops areobic endurance as well…just in less time. However, any additional z2 time you can mange will really help as long as it doesn’t impact your ability to complete the scheduled sessions.

Remember, if you can ride 70-75 miles then you can definitely tough it out to 100 :wink:


Low volume plan that you can nail every week, supplemented with a long weekend group ride as and when you have time, is a pretty solid approach :+1:

Would recommend trying to fit in a few rides of at least 60-70 miles to help prepare. Not just the fitness but also stuff like fuelling and seeing how your body bears up to longer rides. I.e. It’s good to figure out which bits of your body start to get progressively more sore/stiff/tight/numb after a few hours in the saddle and then work out what you can do to address those issues. Whether that’s bike fit, kit choice, mobility or strength work, etc.


I second this. I have a feeling you are more likely to find your butt/back/knees/feet are a hindrance than fit was (assuming you keep fueled). If you’ve never done a long ride you won’t know where it will hurt. Do a longish ride or two before if you can. Don’t try to replicate distance, just time in the saddle.

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Furthest I’ve done is just over 80 miles during a solo ride. Pretty sure I’ll be ok with the distance but would like to complete the 100 miles in a good time. I know that saddle comfort will be my biggest issue.

I appreciate all the advice.

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