Upgrade to Saris H3?

I know these trainer work well with TR. I currently have a Kicker Core. Do you think the Saris is worth upgrading? Is it as good as they say with TR?I know has optimized the software for this trainer and DC rainmaker specifically says its the go to for TR. I bought the Kicker on sale for 720.00 I am guessing in todays market I could sell it for not too big of a loss and the H3 is only 999.00. I have a power meter on my bike so I could care less about the on board power.

I don’t see a reason to go through the hassle. The H3 isn’t going to give you much if anything for TR that the Core can’t


I agree - unless you are having particular issues with the core that you think the H3 might address I’d stick with what you have.


3rd, no need to change. The difference is marginal at best. In the current climate, I’d stick with whatever you have if it’s already working. There’s plenty of risk in getting bad trainers from all brands (H3 included) so count yourself lucky if you have a reliable one already.

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Thanks for the replies. Guess upgrade itus applies to gadgets for me as well :slight_smile:

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