New smart trainer - how important is power match?

Hey everybody. I’ve been a TR user for a few years now and have been riding a wheel-on dumb trainer with a Stages crank power meter. I got a killer deal on a new H3 that should be arriving any day now. For those of you who are ahead of me on the tech curve, how important is it to keep the Stages meter? The trainer bike lives there permanently and never goes outside, so I don’t need power outside on this bike. It’s really a question of how good power accuracy will be on the H3 and if the Stages will be more consistent and worth keeping. Considering selling it to offset the cost of the H3.

If you’ve got a 2 means of recording power record both and see how they compare, then make a decision. Also check how your outside PM compares to the Saris if you can.


I can’t speak to the H3 accuracy but if I was you I would just stick with the trainer power and sell the power meter. Either way of measuring power will be totally fine as long as you use it consistently.

If you do make the switch, I would recommend doing a few tests with both power sources, so that you can understand how they compare to each other. Otherwise, if the H3, for example, reads a bit higher than the stages then your workouts will feel easier when you switch to the H3 without adjusting FTP

Ive recently moved from a wheel on trainer to a Taxc Neo. I found a big difference in my FTP on each unit. So be aware of that possibility and tests on change-over.
I would consider selling the other power meter if it helps with finances. Your H3 will be very accurate and as long as you are just comparing your H3 with your H3 power it will be fine.
Ive loved being able to hear myself think now I have a quiet trainer - heaven