Help! Looking to upgrade drivetrain to Sram 1 x but I’m lost on what I need

Sorry for the long post. I have a 2011 Jamis Xenith T2 that I’m looking to upgrade my drivetrain. Getting a new bike that has an equal frame would most likely be 5k so that’s not an option. The issue is all my accessories and components are old 10 speed and everything is change to 11 and now 12. I went to my LBS and they said I could go with the Sram Force AXS setup for around $1,200. Not bad. But my rear trainer wheel is an old Easton EA-70 and can’t be changed to The XDR hub. My race wheels are also 10 speed and I’m also being told can’t be changed unless I grind down the hub myself. So finally here is my issue. Where do I start? I have enough money to get the Sram Drivetrain but then I won’t have compatible race wheels. Plus I have a race in June(Hopefully). Or update the race wheels and wait to do the drivetrain? Other compatibility questions are can I use a 10 speed cassette with the Sram AXS derailed on a trainer if in Erg mode? This would save me $180. I plan on calling Sram support to help with some of these questions. Link to my bike specs:

It sounds like almost without a doubt you’ll get more value buying a new bike. The only thing you’d be reusing from your current bike is the frame and cockpit. And if it’s a road bike from 2011, you likely can’t use disc brakes. That may not be a concern, but it means your shifters have to accommodate your brake system.

I added a link to my bike. I was going to keep the current brakes since they work fine and are aero. I was looking at just replacing the shifters with blips and clicks and then the rear derailleur and cassette with the Sram Force AXS.

Im starting to think that a new bike is a better choice. For the money that im spending on wheels and drivetrain i can get a new Canyon.

I’m going to horn in on OP’s thread. Thinking about doing the same thing. When I look at the cheapest complete bike with eTap AXS here (Canada) it’s $9K CAD. Looks like I can replace drive train on my Cervelo RS with 1x eTap AXS for ~2K CAD inc. new freehub, BB, etc… Seems like I would be hard pressed to get $7K in value from a new frame (upgrade to R5), and disc brakes?

AXS is 12 speed only. That’s the problem. 12 is incompatible with older hubs. 11 is almost always compatible.

If you have HG hubs then you should be fine with the 11 speed SRAM. Force or Rival. Not electric but? You’ll need a new cassette, derailleurs , and shifters. Maybe $500?


If you’re using wheels from a well known manufacturer, they often offer a 12 speed xdr freehub that you can swap on to your wheels. Worth checking before hand, but plenty do this

Does it have to be SRAM?
I upgraded my roadbike to a 46t (oval) single chainring and a 11 speed 11-40 MTB cassette, which fits on 10 speed hubs. You can use Shimano cassettes with SRAM parts and vice versa. I used normal Shimano 105 shifters and a Shimano R8000 ultegra deraileur with a Wolftooth Roadlink DM.
All for a lot less than 1200 dollar

What ratios are you looking for?
What will the bike be used for?

At the price ranges being talked about here, getting a wheel re-laced with a new hub might also be in the realm of possibility.

Interesting. This is for my Triathlon Bike.

Yes I thought about this as well. I figured I could relace my current wheel or just buy a cheap as wheel to use on the trainer. Im calling Easton today to verify I cant upgrade it.

Ya Im calling Easton on my current EA-70 training wheels. My race wheel can be filed down to fit a 11 speed cassette but i think i need a new hub for the XDR option. still trying to get an answer on that. ITs a RENN Disc and the Manufacture may or may not be still in business. HE isnt answering my emails anymore. He might just be done dealing with my emails. LOL

i was looking at this as well and Canyon speedmax has a couple option that are in range but I really wish they gave you the option to customize your purchase. I could get alot closer if I could remove the Zipp race wheels they are providing. I think im leaning towards just upgrading my current bike with AXS then saving up for a new bike then I can just move the AXS over to it. I dont think I can convince the wife to let me put $6500 on the CC. LOL

You sort of need to decide if you want to go 12 or 11 speed. With 11 speed, a lot of things can be made to fit - for example you could run one of the shimano 11-speed mtb cassettes the fit a 10-speed hub on the trainer wheel. Or yes, just get it rebuild with a different hub - depending on your bike shop, but building a wheel is from £25 upwards here in the UK, so not unaffordable (plus the hub of course).

Obviously, 11speed is already on the way out, so if you are spending serious money on the upgrade, its probably better to invest into 12 speed now.

Ya I figured i could invest in the 12 speed upgrade on the current bike then when I upgrade the bike I can move the 12 speed drivetrain over to the new bike. I just need to add all this up in a spreadsheet and see where im at.

I think this is right. I believe, at the time, the hubs were already 11 speed road compatible. I’m not 100% sure, best to measure or if you are using a spacer on your existing 10-speed cassette, then for sure you have a 11-speed hub.

I still use 11 speed myself. If you’re using SRAM, the only thing you need to change is the right brifter. The 10 speed derailleur will work for 11 speeds. You could also get a new front shifter for 11 speed, but then you will need a new front derailleur too as they did away with the trim, and introduced YAW at the same time.

It depends how much you want to save.

I don’t do AXS because of the battery, I’d rather have cables than having to charge yet another thing.

That seems low. IIRC, the Force AXS will be over 2K. It doesn’t include the cranks and bottom bracket, and probably not the chain too. You will need the new chainrings, and they will only work with the new cranks. Circa 2011, IIRC SRAM had a fixed spider crank.

Sorry the $1200 only covers the below:
Force rear derailleur
12 speed cassette
2 Blips
2 Clicks
Blip Box

I will still need to purchase the below:
Front Narrow/Wide Chain Ring- I can re-use my current Quarq 130bcd Power Cranks.
New Rear trainer wheel - Unless I can use my current wheel and 10 speed cassette on the new setup in erg mode since it doesnt shift.
New Race wheels- Current RENN Disc cant be upgraded to 12 speed i dont think.

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