Converting DT-Swiss hub to SRAM

Yesterday I converted my aero wheels from Shimano to 12-speed SRAM after watching this video DT Swiss Shimano Freehub Body to SRAM XD Driver Swap - YouTube

Was pretty straightforward converting the freehub. However after finishing I realized the Shimano cassette I removed had what appears to be a spacer (silver ring in pic):

Yes that is removed Shimano cassette in a SRAM box.

Was that spacer suppose to be put under the SRAM 12-speed cassette?

Do you have a XD driver or XDR driver? XD is equivalent to 9/10 speed HG, and XDR is 11 speed HG. That spacer is just a 1.8mm spacer.

Edit: you said 12 speed road, which is XDR. So using a 12 speed cassette would mean no spacer. Using 11 speed cassettes, would mean a spacer, if the cassette is designed for XD. I believe the Chinese made XD road cassettes are XD spacing.

XD would be used for Eagle, and anything before SRAM AXS road. XDR came with SRAM 12 speed road groups, and is a bit longer. It is backwards compatible.

Your Shimano cassette is the 11-34 cassette, which is made to mount onto 10 speed hubs. That’s why it has a spacer. The 34T cassette flares backwards, like the MTB cassettes. It can basically be called “MTB 11” which is annoyingly confusing.


  • Hub body designed to fit a variety of bikes from MTB to road bikes * Spacer required to fit hub body to road bikes

In other words, 10 speed hub.


Yep XDR. The eTap AXS Systems Manual shows no spacer:

And I used grease, so looks like I installed correctly.

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I switched my 11 speed Shimano 11-34 for an 11-28 on my road bike this weekend and was totally confused by that spacer. Wish you guys had started this thread on Saturday . . .

I’ve got an unopened 11-25 Shimano cassette that I’d like to see if it has the spacer in the box, but I’m going to sell it as new in box.

Ok I guess that explains how to interpret the back of box:

Yep shimano 11-34 is the only “road” cassette with mtb spacing hence the hg800 designation

It shouldn’t. You can look up the parts on Shimano’s site. Example.

scroll down to installation, and you can see an exploded view. Most of the manuals for cassettes have this.