Calibration doesn't work with Zwift Hub (TR PC)

Hi there,

I encounter the following issue: when I want to do a spin down calibration on my Zwift Hub, the TR desktop client tells me to “Speed up until you reach 0.0 KPH”. Well, I am pretty successful in doing so but obviously that won’t do the trick.

So then I tried to pedal to a normal calibration speed. The speed is being read and the app even tells me to stop pedaling but the calibration never succeeds.

I use a Zwift Hub smart trainer so maybe it doesn’t work because you need some device-specific update first - but maybe not and somebody around here can point me in the direction of a fix?

Thanks for any help!

Hey! Looking into this now for you. :+1:


Does it work when you are doing the workouts? Also I don’t know if this changes things but could you just do the calibration using zwift’s app then do the workout?

We don’t have a Hub in-house to test right now, but we can see if we can get our hands on one to make sure we’re fully compatible and can better work out future troubleshooting steps.

In the meantime, there a couple things you can try:

  • Try spinning up to >39KPH before letting the trainer “spin down”
  • Try the TrainerRoad mobile app for the calibration instead of your standard desktop method you’re currently using.
  • Calibrate on a head unit (Garmin or Wahoo). The calibration is stored on the device itself and will carry over into TrainerRoad.

Let me know if any of these help!

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Change from erg to resistance mode

Thanks for looking into this, @IvyAudrain! I’ll try your suggestions once I’m back home :slight_smile:

Just one follow-up question: when you talk about calibration data being stored on the device, are you talking about the head unit or the smart trainer? I assume the latter. If so, does the same apply when calibrating with another Software product instead of a head unit, i.e. could I try what @tfilteau suggests?

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Yup, the zero offset / calibration is always stored in the actual power device itself, the trainer or power meter in use.

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Any update on this ?

Hey! We do not have an in-house zwift hub trainer for testing currently.

There is an update on calibration insight though, I did see via DC Rainmaker that:
“In my testing, as well as what Zwift themselves say – they recommend doing a spin-down calibration at about the 10-minute marker.”

Are you also experiencing calibration issues? Let me know and we can try to help!