Train Now and Workouts should show potential increase in Progression Level next to Difficulty of a workout

When you look at workouts in Train Now and Workouts, each workout is shown as Recovery, Achievable, Productive, Stretch, or Breakthrough. I think it would be useful to also show the potential increase in Progression Level next to each workout. This way you get a better feeling for how much you can progress by taking the workout. This is a bit similar to how you list it for completed workouts.

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They have a progress level assigned to them. So should you complete that workout you’ll move up to that level. That’s been my experience anyway.


If you mean what your Progression Level will be at the successful completion of the given workout, it is as simple as the Workout Level itself.

Ex: If you are at a current PL of 4.0, and you complete a workout at a 5.0 Workout Level, TR will adjust your new PL at 5.0 after the workout.

The above assumes you follow power targets and pick a survey response of Very Hard or lower. If you pick All Out, it may not give you the full PL increase. Notably, they have not firmly stated this, so I am making some assumptions based on other comments and my experiences.


Yes, I am aware of that. But I think it would be useful to see this information when you select the workout.

What more do you want to see other than the direct Workout Level that is already displayed?

Something like “If you finish this, you get the WOL right here…”

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For your example, I think it should list the workout as “+1.0” next to e.g Progressive, see image.


Perfect, thanks for that. This is exactly what TR needs to see in order to consider the concept. :smiley:


Is this not pretty basic math?

I’m a PL 3.5, this workout is a 4.1. If I complete I stand to gain 0.6…

Apologies if I’m totally missing the point


Yes, the calculation is easy. But at least I do not remember the different levels I am at (and they also change from time to time), so I have to look them up on the career page before I find a workout to see how big progress or stretch a workout is. Therefore, I think it would be useful if TrainerRoad just showed this precalculated.

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Some of us have bird brains and can’t remember their progression levels even if we looked at them 15 seconds prior.



You mean I may not be the only person taking a screen grab of my career page before opening train now or workout alternates?

This could also be solved by just displaying corresponding current progress levels for the workout types being looked at, but showing the delta in rating seems more effective.


Hehe, I don’t do that, but thanks for the tip. :grinning: