TrainNow - view current progression level?

Like most people life is hectic and committing to a plan becomes problematic. I’ve found TrainNow very useful. On both the App and the Website, I get the ‘recommended’ workout and I can see the progression level of that workout, but to see what my current level is I need to switch to the career view.

Would there be a way to show your current progression level somewhere within the TrainNow screen? Maybe in brackets next to the progression level of the suggested workout? (a bit like I’ve done in the image below)


That would be handy. :+1:

The hack I use is to take a screenshot of my career page every so often. It’s easier to navigate from TR to Gallery and back than to go back and forth within TR.

It’s ether that or tattoo my PLs on my arm.

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Great idea but I think that’s why they have workouts labeled “ achievable”,”productive” and so on. So depending how you feel you can choose that way.
It would be neat to have your levels on the same screen too.


This is a great idea!

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Yes I think so, it makes it very easy to spot what is recommended. But if you are looking at the detail, and want to directly compare how much harder the recommended ride is compared to your current level it isn’t possible without a screen switch currently.