Train FTP or VO2 First?

Let’s say you have 6 months to train.

Considering the push/pull effect of each type of training, is it best to do VO2 first to raise the ceiling then fill in the gap with FTP work? Or top out on FTP and then VO2 then back to FTP, rinse-repeat?


p.s. – I’ll be asking a lot of bewildering newb questions! :slight_smile:

6 months gives you enough time to do most/all of the base/build/specialize cycle. Pick the sweet spot base volume that fits your time schedule and go from there.

See the documentation for more details on volume and plans.

SSB weaves in a lot of VO2 Max and Threshold endurance towards the end. The first twelve weeks of Sweet Spot was enough for me to feel really strong this past season. Carrying that base through build should solidify a strong level of fitness that you can actually use in races whether it’s long duration endurance or short spiky efforts like crits.

If a newbie just follow the general base, build, specialised periodised model.

You will get great results for at least three seasons before you start to looking for smaller and smaller gains. No need to worry about all the different periodisation methods:- linear, reverse, slow recovery, inverse weeks, block periodisation etc.

Just train consistently and the results will come don’t worry about if you could have gained an extra 0.001% by using another model, it is not worth using the mental energy.


This is the main reason I joined TR. I spent soooo much time last season trying to figure out the “optimal” training plan…I learned a lot but I didn’t want to have to do all that again.

That, and like you said, in the beginning the gains will come no matter what plan you follow.

Thanks for all the answers!

(Just to clarify, I’m not a newbie to riding/racing, just to structured training & w/ power.)

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Fair enough, the opposite to me, a decade of structured training but I’ve never (officially) raced. New to ‘structured training’ you should get great results with TR, I have never heard of anyone that hasn’t.