Traditional saddles and current bike fit

Just got back from having a bike fit, having measured my sit bones (properly) he fitted me on a 143mm prologo dimension. Prior to this I was on a 155 spec power. My question is as the fit was going forward we was try various saddles, traditional saddles, saddles with a cutout, short nose saddles, saddles with no cut out and I ended up on a short nose with less width, as we was testing all these saddles the 2 short nose ones felt the best with a large cut out, the other longer saddles (traditional) was like sitting on a piece of cement with some pushing right into my soft tissue. Anybody else who literally can not ride anything but a short nose large cutout?

Makes me wonder how people cycles in 80s/90s without these!

I ride Fizik saddle Flat profile.

I tried all those cut out saddle i eventually found I am very flexible and flat fits.

I have ridden London Edinburgh London (1400Km) in 4 days with this saddle. 18 hours a day.

We are all different shapes. Certain saddles from the 90’s i remember were more padded and no flex, I had a Carbon fiber saddle with a layer of leather covering the carbon fiber and to tell the truth felt okay at the time… I still have that saddle in the garage … Just in case i want to go back to saddle sores LOL.

When the fitter put the flat profile saddle on my bike for 10 minutes it felt awful for me, like constant pressure straight away and numb “bits”

I’ve tried all those as well and went through months of discomfort and downright pain until my fitter put me on a SQLabs labs saddle. All pain is now gone and I can “comfortably” manage 4-5 hour rides with it.