Short Saddle advice

I’ve been riding a eBay special clone of a Spesh Power saddle and have bought into the short saddle marketing. The problem with eBay specials is the quality or lack thereof.

Since I like short agressive saddles I’ve started my hunt and the Fabric tri saddle popped up on the Vegan Cyclist channel and looks like a good option and is less than a genuine power.

Has anyone had any experience with it for use other than TTs or Tris? Will do everything, crits, hill climbs, TTs and day rides.

I can’t say enough good things about my Pro Steath.

I have a Specialized Power as well which is really really similar, but like the Stealth better.


I love the Power Arc. The sides are rounded just a bit and don’t give me any soreness. Best overall saddle I’ve had. Have heard much good about the Pro Stealth as well.

Another vote for the stealth. I have it on my TCR. It’s the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used, and it feels better the more you lean into it. I can’t imagine how I would like it any more.

I just got a Pro Stealth. Definitely a step in the right direction. I would go with the widest one if I could choose again. I got the 140. I’d go 150.
I’ve always ridden a narrow saddle. Last one was a Pro Falcon. Never again.
The shorter length of the Stealth is imperceptible.

Just changed my ISM pn3.0 to a Pro Stealth on my TT bike. Another 5 stars for Pro Stealth!

As my TT is on the trainer and I change between sitting up and on the extensions I wanted something with a smaller width nose to eliminate chaffing. The ISM is quite wide up at the tip which is not a bad thing for racing but not Ideal for sitting up on during harder workouts.

My recommendation would be if you plan to have your TT on the trainer and sit up a bit then you may want a narrower nose to reducing chaffing in the thighs.

I have a specialised power. 162 mm wide from memory. What can I say, I’m a big guy.

Quality issues barely scratch the surface of why you shouldn’t buy a clone.

A saddle’s shape changes when you sit on it. A clone will behave differently under a rider’s weight, so even if it looks the same, it may feel like a completely different saddle.

So you’re back at square one because your ebay clone is probably not representative of what an actual Specialized Power feels like.


Just fitted my Prologo Dimension (245mm long) , and a bit worried I’ve not set it up right.

I’ve switched from a Selle Italia X1 (280mm). With this saddle, tip to stem was 403mm.

I’m assuming tip to stem should now be 438mm, so that my arse is in the same place?

Nose position is one thing, but what matters more is the “wings” at the widest part of the saddle (assuming you sit in that general area).

So, if you can rest your old saddle on the new one, and approximate the old nose to stem measurement, inspect where the wide parts of the saddles are and if thee align reasonably close.

You may have to fine tune a bit since you may find a different “home” on the new saddle.

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My clone feels exactly the same under me as my actual Power saddle. If you put me on them blindfolded, I’d never be able to tell the difference.

That said, I did have to take a fine grit sandpaper to the shell of the clone because it had a very sharp edge that would have shredded my shorts.

now whether the OP and I have the same clone… :man_shrugging:

Yup, I think I’m there then. Certainly on a test trainer session I definitely felt my sit bones more prominently than the 18 months on the old saddle!

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Great start then. Do note, that depending on the support and position on the old saddle, you may experience some “new discomfort” in the sit bone area. It may not have had the prior loading that is appropriate, and may feel worse for a few rides.

So, don’t panic if you feel that for a bit, and see if it starts to decrease and lead to more comfort vs the old setup.

Sure – thanks for the tips. This has stemmed from a bike fit I had last Saturday (my first) where we found I’d been riding with my seat about 3cm too low, with my cleats too far forward for good measure.

I’m enjoying the extra room I’ve got in the drops, and the shorter saddle should get out of the way and make that more comfortable.

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Congrats on the fit and improvement :smiley: