Low Profile Saddle Nose

So my knees track inwards quite a lot. I’ve done a lot of strength/mobility work, bike fits, and the like and have concluded that it’s just natural for me. It doesn’t hurt and has just been how I’ve always pedaled.

The problem comes with my saddles. My legs rub against the nose of my saddle, wearing straight through my bibs.

Can anyone recommend a saddle that might work? The Specialized power saddle seems better, but there’s still a little rubbing because the nose is actually quite wide.

Maybe it’s worth trying a triathlon saddle? But I don’t like the idea of having no nose to balance with.

I have this one…it’s a pretty decent saddle (have you had a saddle fitting) maybe you’re sitting too far back? I had a Fizik Aliante R1 and swapped it for the spez power…couldnt be happier.

Have you tried a short nose saddle? I’ve been running a Prologo Dimension 143 for about a year and like it very much,

Pro one Stealth


+1. Great saddle.

The Pro Stealth actually has a really wide nose when compared to something like the Specialized Power. I’ve had the same problem as the OP and the Specialized Power Arc has fixed things for me. The Prologo Dimension mentioned earlier also has quite a narrow nose.

I started using the Prologo Dimension 143 on my road bike a while back and really liked it. They expanded the line and came up with a thicker padded version, NDR, which I have since started using on my XC mountain bikes and will be putting on a new gravel build as well. The wide shape is designed to fit a variety of pelvis widths and I like the shorter nose, especially on a mountain bike where a long nose can sometimes catch your shorts.

Prologo changed up their lineup again this year and it looks like the Dimension saddles are being primarily promoted for Tri, but they really aren’t only suited for Tri. I recently ordered a Dimension CPC NDR Nack saddle from Amain, and they are stocking all the different models.

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I’m a no thigh gap guy. My thighs rub on a 27mm seat post if fact.
I’ve tried the following:
Spec Power Arc (sore at top of thigh, bum intersection)
Spec Romin (too curved)
Fizik (all of them basically)
Bontragers one (too wide)
Prologo Dimension NDR (good) - https://amzn.to/2VIrtKJ
This is my current unit https://www.prologo.it/en/products/scratch-m5-pas (Great)

Something else that might work for you - Brooks rubber saddle. It flexes a lot.


Everyone’s been very useful but this list is super useful. It seems similar to what I’ve found so far so maybe we have a similar backsides.

I think I’ll try a Prologo dimension.

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Try the new M5 instead - it’s got better padding on the transition inward. I’ve got both mounted, they’re almost the same shape, but the M5 is way better.

They look like they have a lot of padding. I usually prefer minimal padding, but maybe it’s still worth a shot.

Better padding, not more. There is more give right here.

Not sure about the marketing for Tri specifically. It’s the stock saddle on high end new SystemSix and SuperSix builds as well.

Going back to the bike fit - have you ever had any form of custom insoles or wedging to help with the knee tracking?

Not hijacking your thread, but did you ever get it figured out??? I have exactly the same issue. I love the bontrager aeolus but my legs rub like crazy.

That saddle is too wide for us no-thigh-gap folks. Try the Prologo Dimension NDR (good) - https://amzn.to/2VIrtKJ
Also try lowering your saddle a cm or so.

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Hey thanks for replying!!! Thankful enough that my bf has that saddle on his six. So I may steal it to try it out. I really I Ike the aeolus but there’s things about it I really don’t. I can’t win. Either thigh rub and no numbness or numbness and no thigh rub.

This thread is really great. I also thought maybe the m5 would be great too

ISM = NO SADDLE NOSE hahha. This is a super polarizing piece of equipment: people are either super into it or it super doesn’t work for them. I know they have a demo program, but there are plenty of similar concept models (like Specialized sitero or that Fizik one) that might be worth a try too!

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I have two prologos. My Dimension rubs my thighs less than my M5.

Ahhh for sure!!! Everyone is so unique to what they like. I’m interested in the specialized one. That is pretty interesting. I’ve never heard of it.

I have a prologo dimension I’m going to try. Something has to give!!! Thanks for the info

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