Tracking tools for Progress goals

In the recent podcast the team went through various goals including progress goals. One challenge I have is how I monitor progress/compliance to these types of goals. I find keeping track for a few weeks is ok but longer term I lose track of how I am doing

does anyone has advice/apps/tools that they use to monitor at a glance how they are performing against these types of goals.

Thanks in advance

Look into

It has nice graphing capabilities to track progress over time. Graphs are highly customizable across dozens of different metrics and you can track custom fields. For example, I track alcohol use, to get better insight in actual consumption.

Workouts can be imported from major apps, including TR.

Free, but I ended up subscribing since I use it all the time.


I do regular all-out time trials during training to see if I’m getting stronger. To me, the only progress I track closely is power and duration.


Agree and I add the power / HR chart of

Intervals is great, I’ve got a chart plotting average w/kg for a few different periods (60s, 5 mins, 20mins, 60mins & 90mins) broken down each month.

Then as long as over time they’re all trending upwards I’m happy, also means an off week won’t derail things.

Would you mind posting a pic?

This is intervals and the one below is the info copied to Google sheets for trend lines.


I add them into TrainingPeaks as goals, and then check them off. You can check the home screen to show the upcoming goals, events, etc.

How do you transfer the data from Intervals to Google sheet?

Old school and copy it over at the end of the month!

I believe there is an API for intervals so I could script it, which might be something cool. (free and easy to use) golden cheetah (free, very hard to use) wko5 (expensive, harc to use)

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Thanks all. looks good.

To clarify I’m talking more about the progress goals like

35 Cal/kg ffm that Jonathon mentioned
Not missing key workouts etc

They are the routine/daily type ones that I fine harder to keep track off as the weeks go by.

Example, my ones maybe along the lines of
Strength 2x week
Bike 3x week with one outdoors
No alcohol
8000steps a day weekly average

So more thinking how to I track all these various ones on the same platform/app etc

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