Performance Analytics for Outside Workout: Compare Actual vs Target Power

Is there a way for Performance Analytics to compare actual power against the target power profile for a workout completed outside and “matched” to the planned workout?

When completing a structured workout using the TR software, the Performance Analytics view shows the target power profile in solid blue in the background. When doing the same workout outside and “matching” it to the scheduled workout on the calendar, the Performance Analytics view does not show the target power profile.

If this capability does not exist, request it as a feature to more easily compare outside efforts versus the target.


Hey @rkoswald,

Thanks for reaching out! This is not a feature at the moment, but I agree that this could be useful for post-ride analysis of your outdoor structured workouts.

It is possible to create your own intervals one-by-one, which allows you to compare to the original workout manually, but this could certainly be streamlined to make things a bit easier. I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.


I’m with rkoswald! I haven’t had the chance to try outdoor rides with TR but I would dearly miss this ability as I explore switching from TrainingPeaks to TR. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where outdoor rides can be done extremely well, and I do 99% of workouts outdoors when weather permits (May - mid Oct). Flat, flat prairie. Has TR got this feature up yet? I’ll certainly be looking for it come this spring! Thanks!

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Is there any news on this topic?

Development of this feature is not on the roadmap at the moment. Our Development Teams are currently working on other projects, but we will keep the request in mind as we complete tasks and resources free up :+1:.

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Is there a way to see the “blue bar graph” of target power after you push a workout to do outdoors. It would be nice to then review it after you upload. I currently only see my power data, but can’t differentiate where the intervals started and what the target wattage was on the graph/chart.


Crazy. I was just searching for the same exact thing. I’d love to see how much I was off target when doing an outdoor workout.


If you are like me, you were way off! :slight_smile: It was so hard with the terrain, intersections and pedestrians. Did you have your device set to beep when the interval would change steps? I had to keep looking down to see when there was a bump from 1min to 2min. I just found out last night that there is a way to make it have an audible announcement when intervals change.

Which device?

I have a new Garmin 830. I hope it works on this device… is that not the case? I haven’t tried it yet! I had just read a post about how audible notifications were a feature. I’m going to be sad if that is not the case for my device!

My elemnt bolt gave me audible beeps right off the bat. I was lucky that the local club allows us to ride around a closed track so the power was “close enough” to the point where the overlay would be beneficial to see how I can improve holding power.

Not sure. Just trying to get into the whole pushing outside rides thing, so just trying to gather as much info as possible. Audio cueing will certainly make it a safer activity

Today I’ve used the new push to Wahoo for the first time, and I’m really impressed with the pre and during ride functionality. Works excellent on a Wahoo head unit.

However, one thing that seems to be missing is being able to see if I hit the targets during each interval.

I’m used to going back to a workout and seeing target/actual numbers to review performance. On an outside workout it just seems to show the actual number, which in many ways is kinda useless. Sure, I could go back to source workout and manually look for the target, but that’s very cumbersome.

Is there any other way of seeing target/actual together?

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I’d love this feature as well especially as I’m hoping to spend more time outside this summer than last but still continue training. I’ve a Wahoo so each interval is lapped - I guess the complexity around a solution is how to handle when users pause a ‘workout’ due to traffic, junctions etc but the ride continues to record and how you’d match up the data?


Yes, here is an example where I pushed Jay Peak to my Edge 530 and after finishing the workout you can see target & actual power on Garmin Connect:

Unfortunately the target power does not appear on TrainerRoad after uploading.


Not sure if I understand this correctly but I have my elemnt set up to show workout interval target power right next to my achieved average interval power so I always know if I’m on target, above or under. So yes you can see both during a ‘pushed’ workout.

May be repeating what’s been said, but I have only been able to see the bars on Garmin Connect post-workout. During the workout I have my Garmin 1030 screen set like this : you could have a lap av power field if that helps you keep focused on the interval av power target.

My Garmin also gives me audio cues (countdown from 5 sec) for target changes. Don’t recall where to find that setting.

Sure, you could setup your head unit as you have done to see in real time if you’re on track for the interval, but I’d like to be able to see what the target once once uploaded.

For example, Sunday’s workout had 38 intervals. I can’t remember (or analyse) how well I did at those intervals retrospectively

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if you have Wahoo, then it requires something like TrainingPeaks (probably paid account) and putting the interval workout into TP. The nice thing about TP is you can adjust target intervals after the workout has been completed and uploaded. For example last week I had 2x15-min sweet spot with 7.5 min rest between. I called an audible and did 15-min, 4-min rest, and then 19-min interval. After the workout I quickly modified the original workout to 1x15-min, 4-min rest, 1x19-min as a quick proof-of-concept:

(recorded with my Garmin, works the same with Wahoo)

Not sure I’ll do that very often, but it is available. And if you did follow prescribed workout exactly but with say a 3-minute offset as you rode out of town, its easy to nudge the intervals back and forth.

If you have Garmin bike computer then its already supported in Garmin Connect (GC). Just mark the TrainerRoad workout as outside, it syncs to GC and your bike computer, and then you can review target vs actual after the ride on GC.

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Ah now I see. You can try to faf around with workout images like below and see if you matched your targets by putting two images on top of themselves. But it takes time if you never did any graphic design or image manipulation work.

Or like @bbarrera mentioned, you can put the workout into TrainingPeaks and then sync it to your unit and review it back in TP when you are done. I used to do it that way before using the push to wahoo feature. All my workouts were in TP and I did all my reviewing there. The only problem I found was that some workouts were a pain to rebuild in TP. If it’s a simple one then yeah it will take you 2 minutes, but if it’s say Tour de Nez, Nevada City Classic, Barren or any other high interval number varied workout then it will be an absolute pain to replicate.

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