Track Progression Levels Over Time [Feature Request]

Finally got added to the AT beta a few days ago, v excited!

Is there a way for me to see my progression levels over time? I can tell that they exist from the +/- on my calendar going back in time but haven’t found a way to actually see the timeseries of them.

Is there a way? Would be helpful to see how ive evolved as an athlete over time.

If not currently available, is this something we can expect to have access to sometime in the future?

I understand that they’ll have downward jumps after each ramp test but still think would be v useful.


  • No, there is nothing in the system that handles that tracking.
  • Some members are performing their own tracking with external systems.
  • We don’t know. Nothing has been stated one way or the other.
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Bumping this to the team as a feature request, I could see this getting on the roadmap in the future. Visibility to your Progression Levels over time and their changes as a ‘layer’ by type (ie changes in just VO2 Max levels for example) over your Training Stress graphs would be so tite.


Not sure what tite means.
Wouldn’t they reset back to 1 after a ramp/ftp test?

  • That experience is apparently a “bug” and not intended. The PL’s should adjust downward, but the massive reset from much higher levels to 1.0 is not what TR said should be happening.

  • I’m not saying I have any interest in or reason to track PL’s, but that example you mention is not exactly what they want to happen, so downward adjustments from FTP changes may or may not nullify the tracking requests.

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Ive seen posts regarding tracking of progression levels, personally I don’t see a lot of use in tracking but it would be cool if someone manages to correlate their levels to how they do in their chosen events

Not sure how it would work with PL’s being a “relative” value compared to a more “absolute” number, but if there is a way to morph it into something like the power curve’s, over specified timeframes, are done in other apps (WKO, Intervals, etc.) there may be some value to it.

But since a 5.0 from one time may mean something totally different to the same value at a different time with a different FTP, there likely needs to be some additional ‘magic’ added to make it worthwhile and more than “just interesting”.

If TR were to ask their typical question, “How does this make me faster?”, I don’t know how to answer that in light of this request.

Would say that it would help you relate changes to your different energy systems to the training you did, and through that help you determine how to do a better job at it next time… which makes you faster.

Would be like being able to see your FTP, or your power curve, over time - both of which we all stare at all the time - only more granular (ie, by energy system).

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I agree, I’m not sure functionally how it works as a useful metric, unless you are very static in your FTP movement.

It’s a little like tracking TSS year on year etc as a measure of fitness. For example if I’m doing 70TSS/day six weekly average now, and comparing to last year at 75TSS/day at say 30W less FTP, they aren’t exactly comparable. It’s still stuff I’m wrapping my head around, plus the user made graphs look good, but I don’t see if working except to have a PL graph for every FTP you’ve had :man_shrugging:.

Any word on this?

Its on the roadmap for the developers!


Woohoo - thank you Ivy!

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I came here today to ask for this. I saw that my endurance number went down from 5.2 to 4.1 because I haven’t had any productive workouts in that zone in two weeks. It got me thinking that it would be interesting to see how all of the zones progress over the duration of various plans.

This also got me excited for the upcoming outside workout analysis feature. Being able to track fitness by zone the way we’ve been tracking by TSS and fatigue sounds enlightening.