Progression Level Progress Charts

I don’t see a graph of my progression improvements. Seems like a timeline showing how your training has improved the seven categories over time, would be really useful and interesting. For example, I could see that my Endurance and SweetSpot capabilities have benefited the most over the last four months, while my Sprint and VO2Max improved some, but are areas I probably should focus on a bit more going forward.

I created an EXCEL to track this to see if it is meaningful. I manually updated my FTP a few days in, and my ENDURANCE PL dropped a little because of that.

I made a manual change to FTP of 5 watts as recommended in the podcast. That did change my PL but not by much. Threshold went from 4.4 to 4.1 etc.

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THANK YOU! I didn’t listen to the podcast, but changed my FTP manually +6W a few days after my first ramp test. That explains why my Endurance PL dropped 0.4. I figured it was a bug.

@John_Hallas - two quick questions. PLs reset to 1.0 after each FTP test? And do PLs decay over time, say you take a couple of days off, or your workouts don’t stress your VO2Max system would your VO2MAx PL start to decay day over day? THANKS!

PL starts to decay after 14 days of not sustaining or achieving in that system from what I can tell.

PL wasn’t reset to 1.0 after an FTP test that resulted in a decrease in watts. Presume it’s true the other way, but will need someone to verify. Assume new FTP just tweaks “achievable” and “productive”, etc.

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Thank you @pawill. I’ll keep my EXCEL file active for a few weeks and try to figure out how that works. I’m sure in the background TR is improving the logic, so whatever is in place now will likely change/improve as more data flows into the system.

Believe it was a bug/feature in the early days of PLs… I also have been told that doesn’t happen anymore Ramp Over-Tester taking a new AT approach - #22 by PhydomiR

Here are the two charts I’ve been keeping.

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