Progression Levels in the past for comparison

Is there a way to see what my progression levels were at some point in the past? For example, next weekend, I’m doing a race that I did two years ago. I can currently see where my threshold and v02 max are now, but I’d like to have an understanding of where they were two years ago. My FTP has not changed much since then, but I’m curious where I was two years ago at this time. For example, where was I on Threshold and V02 max workouts? I realize the progression levels are a bit arbitrary, but they do offer a nice way to see what kind of workouts that I was doing 2 years ago.

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Why not just look on the calender?

The only way I know to see a “PL History” is to open an indoor TR workout in your Career from the timeframe.

This should should your PL’s at that time and you can hover over each one to see the precise value.

Hey @matthewcertain,

If you log into your account on the web, you can scroll back into your history as far as you’d like. If you click on a completed workout you can see what your progressions looked like after completing that specific workout.

You can see from my screenshot below that on May 1st of 2023, this workout bumped my Threshold PL up to 6.1.

Let me know if this helps!