TR - Zwift - Strava glitch - what I am I doing wrong

Tried a search for this but nothing came up I could easily find.

Logged into my British Cycling 7-day free trial of Zwift for the first time today.
Linked my new Zwift account to Strava.
No option to link to TrainerRoad but I thought no problem - as TR picks everything up from Strava anyway.

Nothing showing on TR calendar for today after the ride and all associated data uploaded OK to Strava.

I thought perhaps it was the fact that Strava automatically labelled it a ‘virtual’ ride so I tried to change this description to just a ‘ride’ but it automatically reverts back.

What am I doing wrong?

On several occasions recently, I have had to manually import my rides from Zwift because the are not coming over automatically.

As another reference, I am getting my outside rides imported from the Wahoo Bolt > Strava > TR automatically. Not sure what is missing or happening. I haven’t done this, but it might be a good time to email to see if they know what’s wrong.

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Thanks Chad :+1:

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