Garmin not syncing *only Zwift rides 'Resolved ✅’

Starting about 4 weeks ago, my Z rides stopped syncing to Trainerroad. I have all my data going to Garmin and then syncing with TR. My outdoor Garmin rides are still syncing, but Z rides have stopped. I replace my Tuesday workouts with a Z race so having accurate data really matters to my training plan and AIFTP. Anyone else having this problem? The Z rides show up in my Garmin activity feed, all my connections are turned on. But only this one category of activity isn’t syncing over to TR.

All my zwift rides normally sync through strava before they have a chance to get pulled by connect

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If that were the issue, i would think nothing would sync from Garmin to TR. I don’t understand why outdoor rides are syncing but not Z rides. either Garmin is choosing to only send some data, or TR is choosing to only accept some data

Try reaching out to garmin support about it since it seems like it could be an issue on their end

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I’ll look into this and see if there are any reports of this being on TrainerRoad’s end.

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Okay I have some info!
Rides from third party apps (Zwift) are imported to TrainerRoad via Strava, and it looks like you’ve had Ride Sync enabled to allow Zwift to import via Strava successfully in the past. You can tell from the Strava symbol next to your completed Zwift activities on your calendar in TrainerRoad!

Garmin Connect is importing your outside rides, but it won’t serve that function for Zwift.Here are a couple troubleshooting steps to ensure TrainerRoad, Strava, and Zwift are still communicating:

  1. You’ll want to ensure your connection between Strava and Zwift is still intact.
    It may be worth going to your Strava permissions, too, and ensure that Zwift is still connected as well.
    Things like health-related Data Permissions and Partner Integration settings can sometimes be unintentionally changed and impact your ability to sync.

  2. You should also ensure your TrainerRoad Ride Sync connection with Strava (for Zwift) doesn’t need to be re-authorized to ensure your Zwift rides are getting imported.
    You can do this by going to your TrainerRoad ‘Account’ page, then to ‘Ride Sync’ > *Keep Data , Disconnect, then re-connect your Strava account with all prompted permissions enabled.

Can you check those steps out and let me know how it goes?


Ok, I think I got to the bottom of it:

You got me on the right scent. Strava shows that I’m connected to everything, but I logged into Zwift (web browser, they seriously have the worst UX, TR is so much better), and Zwift apparently disabled all my connections except for Garmin. I turned the Strava connection back on. It hasn’t synced any of the missing activities yet. I let you know if it doesn’t work after my next ride.

Thanks for your help, you’re the best, and still a legend at the Jerry Baker Velodrome.


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Awesome! So glad you were able to isolate that Zwift to Strava connection issue. It looks like you maybe have a Zwift race scheduled soon? Let me know if everything syncs after that.

Thanks so much for the kind words, and NICE WORK at the last MFG race! Legendary course, looked so fun.

I’ll standby to make sure you’re all set. Cheers!

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Everything synced fine just now. Thanks again. I’m just really happy that MFG is back after covid nearly killed it.

Awesome! So glad to hear this, I’m going to go ahead and mark this as ‘Resolved’, but don’t hesitate to revive the thread if any issues persist. :+1:

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