TR/ Zwift on a Cunard ship?

I’m off on a 2 week family cruise in August, and while it’s should be a great chance for a mid season break, I’ve got the national 12hr TT a week after we get back, and the National 10 mile two weeks after that.

Has anyone got any recent experience of the Cunard gyms? I’m hoping for the cost of the bl**dy cruise that they’ll have something resembling a smart bike, or that they’ll let me take power pedals and a spanner on board!

I’ll send them an email, but would be good to get any experience from cyclists!

Alternatively I try to get a bike onboard and skip the day activities, but that might cause some issues with family :grin:

It’s been years since I was on a high end cruse.
This might help. You also might put in the ships name in the cruse