TR workout that will determine max HR?

Is there a TR workout I could use to determine max HR?

Using the inaccurate way of determining max HR via the age formula, my max HR is 176. I currently have it set at 177.

However, last year I had it as high as 185 (for maybe one second), and the first time I did a ramp test I got it up to 180. The second ramp test I got as high as 183 (again, for about 1 second). Anything above about 175 feels like I’m going to die.

I really don’t use HR to train, I do think it’s an interesting data point, though. Just wondering what I should set mine at…or should I be using 183??

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If the highest heart rate you’ve observed is 185 bpm then I’d set your max as 185 bpm. Why would you set it lower? You’ve hit in the 180’s a few times, so 185 bpm doesn’t seem like a crazy outlier value.

On another point, I don’t think any workout on a turbo trainer is the best way of obtaining your max HR. On a turbo trainer you’re using less muscles as you aren’t needing to balance, so think you would actually get a higher HR doing some outside hill repeats.

I can’t even get close to my max HR on the bike… the max I’ve ever hit is while running (184 bpm). I’ve never recorded over 174 bpm on the bike.

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The way I’ve read to get your max heart rate is find a hill and ride up it at increasing intensity in the saddle. When you think you can’t go any farther get out of the saddle and sprint. Afterwards fall off your bike gasping for air. I’ve done it twice by accident as I got carried away. Also you do have different max heart rates for different activities. Forget completely about the age related calculation.

Generally in TR I find my max HR can be derived from the longer VO2 interval workouts

Spencer+2 or Abbot would be examples

I usually max out towards the end - 5th-8th interval

Note of caution though - 3min VO2 intervals take some working up to - you need progression through the plans to do these well and finish them -the first time I tried Abbot was a disaster - i hadn’t worked up to it through shorter VO2 intervals first (Coach Chad covered this in a semi-recent podcast)

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MIf you don’t want to do it on TR…

Ensure you aren’t tired, then riding outside do a thorough warm up to bring your HR up, then ride easy for a few minutes so you are recovered but ready.

Having chosen a suitably steep climb that’ll take you about 90-120 seconds to get up, preferably with a very steep bit at the end absolutely smash yourself up it. Full gas, no holding back and see what you can record :grinning:

Or do the ramp test, that should get you there.